{Two} Things Tuesday – Back At It!

1) I am back at it.  I have not yet begun “official” training for Ironman Lake Placid yet, but I have begun my base building.  I have a six week pre-season plan and I am bound and determined to enter the season ready to train hard.  So, for the next six weeks, I have a plan that gets me running, swimming and biking three times each week for at least ten hours each week.  I have to say that I’m on week two and I’m already feeling the affects.  Last night when I jumped into the pool, I didn’t feel so much like a fish out of water.  I felt comfortable and ready to knock out 2500 yards.  (Unfortunately, some darlin’ child sullied the waters forcing the kiddie lessons to infiltrated the lap lanes.  My workout was cut short. And I swear I will find a place to swim with less …. sullying kids).  Anyhow, I’m back and I’m ready to get ready.  I’m really hoping to turn my training up a notch this year and get serious.  I have some beef with 140.6 and I am so excited that I’m going to take another stab at it somewhat locally this year where all of my friends and family can come and watch.

stuff 001

I need to officially revamp this schedule as this is not what’s happening right now!

2) In getting back at it, I’ve been running a bit more with the four legged creatures in my life.  And I’m looking for advice from those of you who run with dogs.  How old is too old and do you just know when the dog is ready to retire it’s running shoes?  My problem is that my 9.5 year old golden retriever still gets so excited to go out for a run.  I know that she cannot go more than three miles, so I always take that into consideration.  However, lately she starts really slacking off and/or stopping at a little over a mile.  I’m thinking that her running days are over, but she’s refusing to believe it.  And my biggest issue is how guilty I feel taking the new pup of the house out for a run while leaving my long time running partner at home.  (I will say that she does ok when we’re on a trail and she can be off leash.)  But anyhow, advice friends…. How did you break it to your dog that they’ve been replaced?  Or should I keep bringing her out but just make sure that it’s a very small (1 mile) loop?

IMG_5043[1]For now we hike whenever we can.  This is her favorite, favorite, favorite and hopefully we’ll never retire from it.


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