A Weekend of Shenanigans, Cross-training & Running

Winter weekends just happen to be some of my favorite.  For the past couple of years, I’ve increased my willingness to go outdoors, even when it’s cold and boy do I manage to have fun.


Saturday morning was met with an adventure up to Lapland Lake ski center for a day out in the snow.  As mentioned in previous posts, I really love being out in the snow and cross-country skiing is a great opportunity for some cross-training.  Unfortunately, we don’t have enough snow in our own backyard to grab the skis and go, but Lapland was only about an hour and twenty-minute drive and it was totally worth it… in my opinion.  After a slight debacle where we had our skis & poles but no boots, we were out on the trail.  (Thank goodness we were somewhere that had rentals… lol.)


Rental boots, while beat up … quite comfy and better than no skiing!

We maneuvered the moderate trails for a bit.  I have to say that the temperature must have been just a bit warm for skiing because the snow was sticky.  If you stood still or climbed a hill, you instantly had built up snow on your skis and you could kiss gliding along the trail goodbye.  This caused quite a few tumbles.  I took one early on that I knew really hurt.  I stood up and said that I had probably just broken my tailbone.  Over 24 hours later I can say that I’m not fully convinced that I didn’t.  I have some serious pain sitting, so who knows.  But I figure a trip to the doctors won’t do much as there isn’t a whole lot they can do for it.  I guess I’ll just suck it up and try not to fall on my skis so much!


Fun with friends… Love it!

For the second half of the adventure we headed over to some easier trails and out to the actual lake itself.  I hung out and skied near the lake while the three crazies I was with skied around the lake some.  Call me crazy, but I was a little nervous considering that we had some pretty warm temperatures just last weekend, so I was unwilling to venture out on the ice.  In hindsight I regret it, but it is what it is.  All in all a great workout was had and a whole bunch of laughs.  I’d say that’s some solid cross-training right there.


The one with his back to us … Yeah, he’s with us too….

Today, I followed it all up with my first double-digit run in as long as I can remember.  I’m not sure that I’ve run 10 miles since maybe October?  Who knows.  I ran seven miles with my training partner & guru, Jess on Wednesday night.  I can’t say that it was all fun given that it was in the dark and cold.  So, I was a little nervous as to how a ten-miler would go today.

We headed out and for me, not so much for everyone else, it was a great run from step one.  So, we managed to cover a total of about 10.3 miles.  We weren’t earth shatteringly fast, but we weren’t the slowest on the planet either.  So, I’m incredibly happy to look toward 2014 from this point.  I’m very ready to start building my base before starting a full on training plan in February.


All in all, that’ a weekend of shenanigans, cross-training & running!

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