{Two Things Tuesday} Christmas Eve

1 – I had a minor melt down last night. It had something to do with presents and lists. Fortunately I’m over it today. I think it’s far too easy to get wrapped up in the “stuff” of Christmas and lose sight of what really matters. The stuff doesn’t really matter. I say this all of the time… You matter. Spending time with one another, telling stories, laughing and just being. That is what matters. And I realized that I don’t remember the gifts I got for Christmas, but rather the stories and events that happened that day. So, I’m in a better place, my kitchen is at full bore this am in preparation for tomorrow and I’m going to go ice skating with my favorite lil man today. In the end it’s a Merry Christmas Eve!


2 – We are planning a Christmas Day run. There’s a small window of time where no children will be present so we are heading outdoors. I’m hoping to see a few friendly faces as I’ve invited all of my running and triathlon family to join if they’d like. I think it’s a good way to be active, spend time with another important part of your family and just have the chance to relieve some holiday stress.

Do you run on Christmas?


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