{Two Things Tuesday} A Lottery Win & Master’s Swim

1) A few weeks ago, I entered the lottery for the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile run in Washington DC.  I woke up yesterday and saw an email indicating that I had indeed been accepted into the race.  Wahoo! I never win lotteries or anything of the sort so that was kind of exciting.  I’ve also wanted to do this race for a couple of years, but I never remember to enter the lottery until it’s already happened.  So this year I’m glad to say that I’ll be able to participate… I think.  As soon as I realized that I had gotten in, I was reminded by my much smarter beau that we had registered for the Battenkill Grand Fondo.  And lo and behold after a little “googling” around (is that a word?  or a phrase? It totally should be…  Let’s google around….) I realized that both events are taking place on 4/6.  I’m telling you, this kind of stuff only happens to me.  Nice work.  So now I’m registered for two different races on 4/6/14 and I’d really like to do them both.  However, considering that they take place at the same time in two very different states, this is will not be possible.  The emails to try to defer Battenkill to next year have already begun.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will all sort itself out.  But hey, I won the lottery! Haha!

Swim Run

I prefer the sneaker to the goggles…

2) Master’s Swim is going to be the death of me.  I’ve been going to master’s swim on and off for the last couple of months.  It doesn’t really fit my schedule well so I don’t go as often as I should or as I would like to.  But when I do go, as much as it hurts I’m always happy that I went.  Last night’s workout was affectionately nicknamed the anti-free style swim workout.  We had some freestyle swim, but very little.  You should hear all of the triathletes complain (myself included) when we have to do breast stroke, tarzan swim, dolphin kick and the list goes on.  I definitely felt like a fish out of water last night.  But, I also got to work on some different things that will improve my swim and are strengthening different muscles.  This is what Coach Nick told me…. I’m attempting to believe him.  I also had the opportunity to laugh a bit as we all struggled our way through the workout.  Wednesday night will be my last master swim for a while.  I wonder whether it will be that entertaining again.  I mean who can’t laugh when we everyone is trying to do a dolphin kick and looking a little bit more like a sea-horse moving through the water.

Happy Tuesday Friends! Have you ever registered for two events on the same day?  How did you deal with it?  Also, have you tried masters swim?  Thoughts?

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