Window Wednesday {A Plea}

I’ve used Window Wednesday previously to provide a “window” into my world.  So here’s your peak in today.  This isn’t my life, but it’s something that worries me … greatly.

Check out this video….

I don’t need to say a lot that wasn’t said in that video.  I’ll only add that not one time have I gotten on my bike and not thought about what could happen if I were to be hit by a car.  I know that many drivers find cyclists to be annoying.  I promise you that we are not trying to be.  We are simply trying to ride our bikes.  I have had more close encounters than I care to think about.  I promise you that no where that you are going is worth the guilt that you will live with for the rest of your life if you hit a cyclist.  I am teaching my kids to ride their bikes respectfully on the road.  I promise that they will obey the traffic laws.  Please be aware of us and treat us with respect and use caution.


A Mom, A Daughter, A Family Member, A Cyclist, A Human Being


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