{Two Things Tuesday} It’s My Birthday!

1) Welcome! It’s my 34th birthday today.  I have to work all day and then some due to a couple of different events that are happening at my job, but I did manage to squeeze in a few birthday miles this am.  I was even successful at suckering a couple of friends to join me.  I can say that at 5:30 AM it was dark and cold here in Upstate NY.  And my day was  made a little bit when I looked out the window and saw some snowflakes.  We didn’t have much snow, but it was enough to remind us that winter is coming and the season is changing yet again.  Anyway as we ran we reminisced about when we’d met and how life had changed over the years.  Circumstances change, children get older and life keeps on moving.  It’s funny how that happens.  Fortunately the constant from that year to this has been running! I’m very thankful for that as it manages to keep me grounded.


Grab a cup of coffee and let’s do a list!

Anyway….. I thought it would be fun to do the top 10 things that I wish for this year …

1- Good health for both myself and my family.

2- Happiness & Laughter.  Life is just so much better when you’re smiling.

3- Love. I wanna wrap myself up in it… Like a blanket.

4- The ability to be a good mom.  The kind of mom that my little one needs and the kind of mom that my mother always was to me.

5- Friendship.  I have amazing people in my life and I want to celebrate them all!

6- An Ironman Lake Placid FINISH (I wanted to put that at number one but I held back!)

7- COUNTLESS Friends & Family in Lake Placid on July 27, 2014.  I want to see your smiling faces! You’re the reason why I keep going!

8- Renewed strength both inside and out.

9- The ability to set goals and chase them down! I will not quit on myself.  Not any more.

10- And just for fun, a dog who knows how to brew coffee…. Ok, maybe she never will, but I’ll keep dreaming.


2) And for Tuesday’s number two…. I finally picked up my new bike over the weekend.  Remember how Foxy had a crack in the frame that was discovered right before my trip to Tahoe?  Well, after getting her back from Tahoe and taking her up to Blue Sky Bicycles, they were able to replace the warrantied frame from Trek bicycles.  I now have a brand new snazzy bike that I’m not even sure I’m really qualified to ride!   I’ve got a little work to do in pimping that ride, but I’m very happy to have had the frame replaced and I can’t thank Blue Sky enough for all of their hard work.  Now that I’ve gotten her, I suppose it’s time for me to start putting in some work!

Happy Tuesday Friends!  What 10 things do you wish for this year?!


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1 Response to {Two Things Tuesday} It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday. I had my birthday in September. I thought about treating my self to some fast food or a pizza. But nothing appealed to me. Then I thought, isn’t the real gift the fact that I don’t really want any of that stuff? What a gift: a lack of appetite for fast food! I think I had 1 beer on my birthday and I had a fridge full.
    From your post it sounds like you did not un-do all of your hard work on your birthday either.

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