{Two Things Tuesday} Hitting the Trail

1) The race calendar gets changed all around on a pretty regular basis.  Sometimes, I wonder why I bother to share it here.  Any way, After the Leaves 20K had a date change, thus I need to remove it from the list of races that I am doing this fall.  In exchange, I picked up the Hairy Gorilla Half Marathon at Thatcher Park.  I’m swapping a registration with my training pal as it would be tough to run 13.1 in a boot.  So now what I need is to finalize a trail running friendly costume.  Unfortunately, the running peeps I’m planning with are a tough group! They have all sorts of ideas about what we should and should not wear.  The last two nights have been spent swapping text messages at length.  No final decision has been made.  I promise to keep you in the loop…


The Culprits… Even the Injured One…

2) In more trail related news, Little Boy Blue and I are planning a trail adventure of our own.  For whatever reason, he has no school this Friday.   I see this as the perfect opportunity to take him and head out into the woods for a hike.  Actually, last night when I asked him if he wanted to maybe climb a little mountain, his response was that no, he wants to climb a really big mountain.  Well played little dude, well-played.  So we’re pulling out our “water backpacks” (That’s what he calls the camel backs.) and we will be picking out a hike for Friday.  I’m leaning towards a fire tower…. Any good ones to share local friends?

photo 2

Oh and he’s asked to bring our trusty leader along as well!


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2 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} Hitting the Trail

  1. Jessie says:

    Hadley Mountain is a nice hike with a firetower. I’m not familiar with any hikes to the south, but going north there is also Goodnow Mountain in Newcomb which has a firetower and Hurricane Mountain up near Keene (but that’s a fairly long drive and you can’t climb the tower, though it has great views anyway).

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