The {High}Lights

My oh my…. I’ve said it before and I’ll most definitely say it again, but I do love the fall racing season.  I could write you individual race reports, but there’s not anything over significant to report.  In the past few weeks I’ve run the Mohawk Hudson half marathon (and PR’ed) and the Great Pumpkin Challenge 10k with a new course and lots of new hills.  Rather than bore you with the details, I’ll run you through the highlights.

Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon

  • This was my second race as a member of Team in Training.  I managed to raise more than required due to the generosity of my friends and family.  You are all amazing.  And I loved rocking the purple singlet and hearing go team on the course.  Team in Training is amazing and will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • I got to run with one of my bestest friends.  And I know that we have done this more than not lately, but it was nice.  It was fun.  And she pushed me… Thanks Laurie!
  • I managed to PR. Ok, it was only seconds, but I didn’t work for it and I haven’t set a PR at a half marathon distance since like 2011.  I’ll take it.
  • Oh, and I finished across the line with my best guy.
  • He took the medal and then later asked why I didn’t get one.  When I explained that he was wearing mine, he told me that in fact it was his as he’d run half the race.  Huh, well all right then.


This one is totally a keeper… ❤

The Great Pumpkin Challenge 10K

  • For the last three years I have said that I hate the Great Pumpkin Challenge.  There’s too many people, parking is a pain and my list goes on.  But every year I show up… I must actually like this race.  (I do!)
  • This race was run as part of team Power House Athletics.  What a great bunch of people and friends.
  • No PR, but considering the new hills and the fact that I wasn’t really working for one, I’m ok with my time.
  • We raise some awareness, and had a great time.


Team Power House Athletics

Generally, I have had a great two weeks of racing.  I really, really, really love the fall and this weather.  I need race season to be like this all year-long.  Oh geez, the things I could do.  Oh and I need these people.  Racing is so much more fun with you friends and family. Hands down!

What have you been up to?

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