Those Who {Wander} Are Always Lost

This was a quote I heard on my six-mile trail run tonight with a couple of friends.  When I heard it I immediately thought about how much I prefer it this way.  I haven’t done a trail run in ages. In fact I hadn’t run in the Albany Pinebush, where we were, since last year in early December.  Let’s back up.


Getting lost in the woods with my number one guy!

Early in the day, I knew that I needed to complete a 5-6 mile run and I didn’t want to do so alone.  So, I posted a plea on Facebook to see who would run with me.  I rounded up a couple of “boys” who were willing to run …. and they opted to make it a trail run.  I left work, headed for the Pinebush.  I can say that I was really happy that we were going off-road.  I’ve been dying for some trails, I just never seem to get around to that as opposed to just running out the front door.  I’m also happy because I’m training with an end goal in sight, I’m not training for multiple sports so my workouts are back to being about quality rather than quantity.

Any way, several people were at the trail head when I got there.  Everyone sort of broke out into their own pace and distance groups, after coating themselves in bug spray of course.  (FYI, plenty of tics at the Pinebush.  Make sure to check yourself after your run.)  I kept up with my little group for the first mile.  Wooooooo weeee, I forgot how much different and how much more work it is to run on trail.  I opted to fall to the back of the group so as not to hold any one up and also because it was beautiful out and I a little bit wanted to be by myself enjoying the quiet and just taking in the fall scenery.


After about 3 miles it became fairly apparently that it would probably get pretty dark before we exited the woods.  And sure enough it did.  Running at dusk in the woods proved to be fairly difficult for me.  So …. truth be told, maybe I need glasses and add to it the dusk factor and the leaves on the ground… yeah ok, it was slow going for the last couple of miles.  And then somewhere around mile 5 I made the fatal mistake of not looking where I was going.  I rocketed quickly to the ground.  Fortunately, we were in a very sandy area so the worst thing that happened was that I was covered in sand.  It was also fortunate that I wasn’t alone, so I was able to easily blame my fall on my Pinebush tour guide, Alex.  I may have accused him of pushing me….. He may or may not run with me again.  We shall see!

The long story short is that a trail run after work was just what the doctor ordered.  It was relaxing, yet challenging.  I was completely out of my comfort zone and it was great.  So yes, all those who wander are always lost …. where do I sign up?

And I plan to do more exploring in the woods this weekend while hiking. How about you?


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