{Two Things Tuesday} Fall Means Setting New Goals

1) Fortunately, it appears that fall has (is) arriving here in Upstate NY.  The temperatures are cooler overnight yet still warm during the day.  The leaves are changing and …. there are a lot of running (yes, just running) races popping up on my schedule.  As you know from last week’s post, I didn’t achieve my goals at Ironman Lake Tahoe.  BUT, I’m not letting that define me.  I made a lot of progress over the past year of training and I plan to put it to good use.  I have picked up several small races in the past few weeks that I am adding to my schedule…


10/13 Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon – This is a yearly favorite.  This year I’m running with Team in Training.

10/19 The Great Pumpkin Challenge 10k – Also, an almost yearly favorite.  This is a great run through Saratoga State Park.

(There’s a place holder here for if per chance I’m able to add another race…. )

11/3 After the Leaves Have Fallen 20k – This is a new race for me.  Very low key and came highly recommended.  It’s at Minnewaska State Park, so what’s not to love.  I’m hoping it will be a beautiful day.

11/10 Stockadeathon 15k – My very favorite race, possibly of the entire year.  I also use it as my “birthday” race as there’s never a race on my actual birthday.

11/17 TBD ….. See number 2.


2) Each of the above races are for fun and will undoubtedly come with additional mileage tacked on to the day.  Why you ask?  Why is because since I was pulled from the bike course of Ironman, I have had plenty of time to think.  And I can tell you that within hours I decided that I will run a marathon.  If you had asked me a few weeks ago I would have told you that I wanted to run a marathon, but didn’t think that I really wanted to commit the time, etc.  But, when I was pulled off the course without having done any of the run, I made a decision.  I will run a marathon.  I trained for it and I am completely capable.  I’m also incredibly optimistic that because I haven’t done a marathon in almost two years and that I’m coming off from Ironman training, that I can PR this one.  I haven’t determined exactly which marathon I’m going to do, but I’m close and I’m sure you’ll know soon….. 😉

So Happy Tuesday.  That’s what’s on my plate.  How about you?

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