The End of the Last {Big Push}

Last weekend was the completion of my last long ride and the last big push towards Ironman.  I think in total we covered somewhere around 108 miles.  It was supposed to be 112, but we took a wrong turn made a little detour and ended up a few miles short.  I’m over it.  Here’s the route…



Not as much climbing as there will be on the course, but according to a hybrid between mapmyride and garmin, it was a climb.

The weather was overcast and wickedly humid, otherwise this route around the lake really was a gorgeous ride.  My favorite part of the day was when we stopped at a Stewarts early on in the ride to refill water bottles and check directions.  A nice gentleman outside the store offered to help us out with direction. When we clarified with him that we were going to go all the way around the lake his eyes got big and I believe he said something along the lines of well geez, you’d better get going otherwise you’re not going to be home for dinner.  I laughed.  He was absolutely right.  One hundred and twelve miles … or one hundred and eight miles is a long way, and pretty crazy to most.

Generally though, the ride went well.  I had zero saddle issues.  I only bonked a little on nutrition and I chalk that up to the extreme humidity of the day.  I just didn’t get enough electrolytes and had some pretty painful calf cramping for that last big hill.  Ok, and there was one major shout fest when we realized that we had taken the wrong turn and were not lost, but off track.  I may have thrown a honey stinger waffle.  The horror! I’m generally happy with the ride.  I can also report that I wasn’t totally wasted the next day for running.  I was a little sore but not as bad as I would have been a few months ago.  Progress.

I can report that my body is tired.  Training is getting to feel like a job at this point.  I’m not sure if it is because this race is late in the season or because of quantity of hours that are spent training for IM.  It could also be that many of the mid week workouts start at 4:30 AM in order to get them done before work and spend the evening with friends and family rather than on the bike trainer.  All in all though, again, I’m tired.  Taper has finally arrived and I’m ready.  The only thing about taper though is that it’s not quite a vacation.  This week still contains 12 hours of training.  I’ll survive it.

photo (1)

You can tell how the day went based on the number of dirty water bottles on the counter.


This weekend the bikes get dropped off down in Armonk, NY with a local bike shop for TriBike Transport to ship out to Cali.  This means that I need to get serious.  It’s time for a little less training and a little more packing.  The lists, the bags and the piles will commence.  Especially when you consider that I’ve already committed to sending one gear bag out with my bike.  I should probably decide what’s going in that bag!

So.  With the long stuff done, please share folks.  What do I need to be packing and is there a method to this madness that is about to begin?

17 more sleeps…

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