{Two Things Tuesday} Maine & Some Speedwork

A regular old two things Tuesday! Ya-hooooo.

304522_510752415606675_1981287425_nThe swim is right off this pier.

1) I am counting down the days to the weekend.  This weekend we’re trekking with many friends to Old Orchard Beach Maine for the Rev 3 Maine race.  Some friends are doing the Olympic distance, and some of us are doing the Half Iron Distance.  I am uber excited for a variety of reasons.  This is a great race as are all of the Rev 3 races.  The atmosphere is so chill and the people are just great.  Oh and the Old Orchard and Portland area is just beautiful.

portland piersI’m also crossing my fingers that I’ll have a great day and find out what I can really do in a half ironman.  Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone.

2)  Speaking of seeing what I can do, it just so happens that post ironman recovery, I might be able to run some fall races and find out just what I can do.  My current training frequently involves running with Little Boy Blue on his bicycle.  Last night we decided to go to the bike path for a change of pace.  Holy ye-ow.  That little boy is getting amazingly fast on his bicycle.  Well, maybe it’s not amazing, but it’s faster than I can run so as it turns out I’m getting in some speed work at least once a week chasing him down.  Last night’s run was 6 miles and we kept a pretty consistently fast pace the entire way.  I can safely say that I got a great work out last night and I think that we all thanked him for it.

photo-3This was way back when he was just getting started.  Now he’s zooming!

Anyone in need of some speed work?  Maybe you can borrow the fast child! Oh and do tell, who’s going to be racing at Rev3! Would love to say hi!



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