It {Goes On}

I forgot to do a “two things Tuesday” post this week.  Honestly, I’ve been bonding with my bicycle almost every morning this week and I’ve been diligently helping with all of the details for the Crystal Lake Triathlon which happens tomorrow.   So needless to say,  I’ve been up uber early which makes me sleepy and cranky and everything in life, blog included, suffers.

photo(18)Picked up seven boxes of water bottles yesterday for the racers…

So for today, random ramblings.

– I bailed on my run this morning.  This stinks because it means that I’ll have to fit it in tomorrow at some point after volunteering at the race from 5:30 until it’s over…. Ack.  I know better.  And I especially know better now as I’m trying to hold myself to not missing my training as we enter the last weeks before race day.

Wanna know why?  Check out this article with pictures about the race.

Please note the caption “If the scenery doesn’t take your breath away the hills and the altitude will.”

This is why I cannot miss any more training.  I have a responsibility to myself to make sure that I complete as much of my training as is possible in these last few weeks to get the start line ready for what the course has in store for me.

– I switched to a new saddle on my bike.  I’ll have more to report on that after this weekends long ride.  I tried it out on the trainer yesterday and it felt ok.  We’ll see how the longer ride works out.

936236_10201190669275369_1909838803_nShe’s gonna need some pimpin’

– Reservations are being made as we speak for Foxy to travel to Kings Beach, CA via TriBike transport.  She will need to be delivered in tip-top shape to the bike shop where she’ll be transported by September 10th for her journey west.  That reminds me…. I need to get a tune up at the bike shop scheduled.  (Maybe I should start making a list as it seems there’s a bit to do!)

photo(19)I spy…. PINK!

– Thinking about what needs to be done to Foxy, gets me thinking about the fact that I need to make some final decisions regarding my race day outfit.  I had good reviews of a bike outfit last weekend at ididaride so I may be narrowing it down, but I need to nail down a plan for each leg of the race.  Oh… yes, you ask if I’m changing at each transition, you bet your bottom dollar I am.  The AM temperatures promise to be chilly and I don’t know about you but there is no way in the world that I’m going to ride my bike 112 miles if I start off soaking wet out of the lake.  Let’s not even think about the fact that I may actually need to be packing booties, gloves etc. as race morning temps could be that chilly for a bike ride.

– I think I’m really answering my own question as to whether or not I need to start some list making.  The answer is yes, do it right now.  I can truthfully say that I’ve never been OCD in my life….planning for this race may change that….

So, yeah, those are my random ramblings.  I’m sure I have more.  But, it goes on….

So let’s share.  What are your random ramblings for the day?  How does it go on for you?


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