#TriathleteProblems Take 2

Oh man.  I’ve been absent on the blog for another whole week almost. As I’m sure you can imagine that life is a little nuts.  There are children to raise, jobs to attend to, an Ironman to train for oh and helping to plan the local triathlon out at Crystal Lake.  So, I’ve started to post several times this week and unfortunately, have just never gotten around to finishing.

Anyway, since life is so nuts, I need a little comedic relief so I bring you a second round of triathlete problems for your enjoyment.  These are real world problems…. Ha ha.

IMG_29731 – Have you seen my water bottle? No? That’s because they’re all dirty. Almost every day.  I guess that’s the sign of a good work out day.

20130805-093352.jpg2 – There is no keeping up with the laundry. The above pic is the product of a simple three-mile run.  Laundry is never-ending…

IMG_36363 – I am now a USAT member for life. Well, not really.  But when you register for an Ironman next year, they don’t let you wait until next year to renew your USAT membership.  Oh no, you must renew now in order to complete your Ironman registration.  Thank you USAT and WTC for teaming up and conspiring to take all of my money for next season … right now.

LunaticsoupMaybe I get a little excited via text when lunatics are mentioned…

4 – I think I’ve forgotten how to cook and unfortunately, all I want to do is eat.  Between working, parenting and training, I feel like I have almost zero time to spend in the kitchen.  And of course this is only compounded by the fact that I am perpetually hungry.  Maybe I should make friends with my crock pot again.

IMG_23765 – The weather is crappy so I’m back at the pool.  Don’t get me started about this.  I will be spending my Friday evening swimming 3500 yards back and forth.  At least my finis has been able to come out of retirement.  Ack.

6 – Did I mention that my Friday night will be spent at the pool swimming 3500 yards.  Seriously, that deserves to be #5 and #6 … It’s Friday night people…..

IMG_33607 – Trying to look good in this.  I mean seriously?  Does anyone really?! There are a few, but it’s few.  And when this is how you spend your time, this is how you spend your time.  Hello friends, do you like my spandex, lycra & neoprene?

But seriously, I complain in jest.  Every single time that I am outside training there is at least one moment in my day when I am thankful for where I am.  Being outside and in the beauty of nature doing the things that I love to do is a blessing.  I am so very fortunate to have the ability to swim, bike, run and be.  These are not things that every person is able to participate in.  And I try to remember that even when the laundry is all dirty, the dishes are stacked up a mile high and I’m not sure how I’m going to fit “everything” into a day.  I complain mostly to make fun of myself as these are choices that I make when I choose to hit register and show up on race day.

So, problems aside, this weekend I get the pleasure of running 18 miles, most of which will be done at The Chingachgook Challenge.  And then riding 100 miles on Foxy, most of which will be a part of ADK’s ididaride.  So I’ll try not to complain too much ( 😛 ) as I spend my time outdoors in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in what is supposed to be gorgeous weather.  Those, will be my #triathleteproblems for the weekend.

Now your turn.  Do tell.  What are your #triathleteproblems… What do you have planned for the weekend? Big races? Training plans?

IMG_3366Yeah, that view right there.  Now that, that’s a problem… Ha ha

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2 Responses to #TriathleteProblems Take 2

  1. luke says:

    For the record, you look super in a wetsuit 🙂

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