{47} Days


Pre-race jitters for the little one. Similar to how I feel as we have entered peak IM training.

So yeah peak Ironman training has arrived. This week starts the last big push before taper starts in September. To say I’m freaking out would be a little bit of an understatement.

On one hand I know that things are going well. Yesterday I completed a fifteen mile long run with zero issues and at a pretty solid pace considering I’m endurance training these days. I also did it on just a small-ish amount of fuel and felt good. (Those who know me, know how much I struggle with nutrition so this was huge!)

On the other hand I worry. My longest bike is still not long enough. My longest swim is still not long enough. So I worry and I wonder… Will I have what it takes?

I have no idea, but I’m recommitting myself today so that I can find out.

47 days


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1 Response to {47} Days

  1. kwhitlock says:

    You will be fine! I only did one hundred miler before my first IM. The doubts are so very normal! hang in there, trust the process 🙂

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