The Way You Should Do A Triathlon {Kids edition}

Yesterday was the first triathlon for my little boy blue. All week he had gone back and forth about whether or not he would do it. It was a kids 50 yard swim, a 2.5 mile bike and a 0.5 mile run. When I picked him up from daycare, he decided that he was ready to give it a go and see what happened. We headed up to Lake Lauderdale. We quickly signed up and got wristbands for our wave.


And then we had to go and see about setting up transition and getting mentally ready for the various steps required in a triathlon. Luckily he was excited and ready!


After setting up we had to wait for the older kids to start the longer course triathlon. Of course in this time c decided that maybe he didn’t want to race. Truly he was just bored with waiting and to be honest, he wasn’t alone. Eventually it was time for the 5-8 year olds to line up in the water.


The kids were so supportive of each other heading in. They swam their 50 yards with little issue. The guards in the water helped everyone around who needed it and before you know it, they were heeding up and out of the water.


Anyone who knows my kiddo, knows he took his time in transition. He was calm and smiled the whole time. I did need to remind him that it was a race and while I was glad he was having fun, he also might want to move it along! And before too awful long a volunteer helped him start his bike and he was on his way.


It was a two loop bike and honestly I was nervous that he would be complaining about having to go back out for the second loop, but he was smiling ear to ear and excited to lap by us and keep going. In fairness the kids have been riding five miles with us once a week so this was a short ride for them.


Anyway, after a smooth swim and bike he was in to transition to get ready to run. He did have a little hold up as I had given him my handheld water bottle and he forgot it and went back for it. Fortunately for me, he decided it would be cool if his mom ran with him. So we ran. We chatted and we held hands. At one point his little face smile at me and said “mama, this is my first triathlon and I’m almost done.” My heart smiled. Not because he was doing what I love but because he was beaming and having a blast. That’s what parenting it about, whatever the kiddos are doing.


So, the moral of the story is, that you should do what you love and do it with smile on your face. My kiddo was nervous going in and he hung in there and found out that he was stronger than he thought. In the end he got an age group trophy and a medal and a great big boost of confidence.

Us adults should all take a lesson from the way that kids live life….

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3 Responses to The Way You Should Do A Triathlon {Kids edition}

  1. olya prevo says:

    loved loved loved reading about his adventure!

  2. Tamara S. says:

    This made me cry! It’s great!

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