{Two Things Tuesday} Whoops

Ok.  I will start with my ooops.  It’s been a week since I posted and I fell off the map a little bit.  I was out-of-town for Ironman Lake Placid for much of the end of last week through yesterday.  Cell coverage is spotty there, the AT&T network is on overload and quite frankly, I appreciated being unplugged from my phone and the internet.  So any way, I’m back and I’m back on top of posting more regularly.

1) Ironman Lake Placid –

18967_10201814738276704_1139882050_nI love when transition starts to fill with bikes!

I was an incredible weekend in Lake Placid yet again.  I got some solid training in although I did fall a little short due to everything that was going on.

I spent some time with my wonderful triathlon friends and family. I love this family of crazy people.  Everyone is so nice.  They are so lovely to be around and I genuinely just love them all…..

I had the opportunity to spectate and volunteer at the Ironman event.  I promise I will have an entire post just the event day coming soon.  I volunteered in bike special needs and boy oh boy do I have stories to share.

I was able to witness some of my friends finishing Ironman for the first time and others finish another attempt.  I certainly witnessed yet again what the body can do when the mind says go.   Ironman is about training, preparation and it truly is about heart and will.  You all amaze me, whether you finish or not.  It’s a brave step and it’s a hard step.  So congrats and thank you for inspiring me.

2) And in more craziness….

21453_10201825974917613_217389089_nWhoops! Here’s to 2014…





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7 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} Whoops

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you pulled the triggered! Heres to 2014 IMLP!!! Woot woot

  2. Tamara S. says:

    Yeah! 2014 Lake Placid! That’s awesome. A month or two to rest after Tahoe, then back into it again. That’s great!

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