Passing the {Time} With Horses

I spent the last couple of days on vacation.  To make matters more interesting I spent the last few days sans phone as it encountered some saltwater and was submersed in a bag of rice while I awaiting it’s reawakening.  And lastly, little boy blue had a triple surgery this morning…. ears, adenoids & tonsils.  So, with all of this training has been a little on the sparse side the last few days.  Oh and did I mention the unrelenting heat that we were experiencing mixed with a dangerous dose of humidity?  Yeah. Anyway! Again, training suffered a bit the last few days, but I’m back and ready to kill it this week.  But, before I have more to report on the progress front, Little Boy Blue reminded me of something else I’d been meaning to share….


He’s really moving these last few days!

We headed out for a ride in the neighborhood to see how he was feeling post surgery.  I have to tell you that there’s something really cool about riding bikes with your kiddo! Just a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen and now he’s off and moving and the world is ours to explore… by bike! Anyway, as we were looping around, he asked if we could play the horse game.  I had to laugh.  First no, the horse game requires horses and there are none in these neighborhoods, but also I laughed because I have taught him SO WELL! Let me back up and explain.

When I was a little girl, my brother and I went a lot of places in the car with my grandma and grandpa.  At some point over the years, Gram taught us the horse game.  Really, I’m certain she made it up to get us to pay attention to something and stop arguing.  But we loved to play.  The rules are really simple.  Everyone in the car is their own player or you can make teams.  I always aimed to team with Grandpa as he was driving and likely knew what lay ahead of us.  Once you’re ready, you need only to call out the horses when you see them.  So, we’re driving down the road and there are three horses, I call them first.  My horses … I have three.  And the game goes on like this.  The only way to rid your competition is to call out the cemetaries as you see them in the same manner.  Who ever calls it first gets it.  Their horses remain intact while the other players horses all expire.  Very simple game.  It can get quite competitive.  I have been playing this game on and off for my entire life.  Thank you Gram.


Maybe we can teach G to play, rather than laying here bored?!

Recently, well maybe last year, I began playing the horse game with my training peeps on long bike rides.  Once again, it passes the time.  Frankly it also encourages you to keep up with the faster bikers in your group because if they see all of the horses/cemetaries first, you’re kind of screwed!

So! Needless to say Little Boy Blue has been listening to my conversations about the long rides that we’ve done.  He knows that the horse game has morphed from just a car game to a game that can also be played by bike, which was why he asked if we could play today.  Again, cute idea kiddo, but until you’re up for bigger rides we just won’t see any horses.  He then asked if we could play punch bug….. oy vey.  We’re focusing more on not crashing so we’re holding that one too.

But I’m wondering, do you have any car/bike games that you play in order to pass the time?  Any old family traditions?  Ours is totally lame, but I’m certain my  grandmother would be shocked if she had any idea that we were still playing that silly old horse game all these years later.


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