This I Have Learned {This Week}

My brain is sort of a jumble today.  I think it’s a lack of sleep and the looming uphill climb of Saturday’s 70.3.  So! In lieu of something profound, I’ll just share with you the things I know and the things that I am learning this week.

Triathlon is expensive.  Between the gear and the food, the tally is high.  #worthitIMG_2124The laundry and the dishes (see the note about food) are a plenty.  #lifewouldbebetterwithaliveinmaidIMG_3065My swim will be better with a sleeveless wetsuit.  I tried it at the lake last night and besides the big bite it took out of the back of my neck, I am in.  #totallycomfortableonemileswimJess & I

Mornings are a beautiful time for a bike ride! #canyoutellhowhumiditwas


Having a support system is priceless (I need a new group pic with everyone!) #mytriathlonfamilyisamazing


I’m still scarred.  But after stalking ironmanlive on Sunday to watch Swim Bike Mom, Page & Dimity complete Ironman Coeur d’Alene, I want my Ironman finish.  I know that Tahoe is going to be hard due to elevation, etc.  But I’m hoping that if I want it bad enough and I don’t give up, that I can get there.  #pleaseletmebeanironman


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