{Two Things Tuesday} Cycling Safely & Reignited

1 – Obviously training for a long distance triathlon requires a good deal of time spent biking since it’s the longest leg of the race.  One hundred and twelve miles to be exact.  For me, spending more time on the bike has resulted in me really noticing how horribly drivers treat cyclists on the road.  I’m not indicating that cyclists are perfect as often times I see them riding way out in the road or riding in packs three or four people wide.  I am just noticing what I’ve seen on my rides where we generally obey the rules of the road.     Drivers are very impatient and unwilling to share any part of the road with cyclists.  In fact we have a right to the road as well.


Let’s all ride safely together!

What scares me is that a several ton vehicle vs. me and my bicycle is a dangerous equation.  I hear almost weekly about a biker who got hit and was either injured or in some cases killed.  And people this is just senseless.  I don’t see why in any instance this should happen.  It comes down to recklessness.  I mean seriously, I have seen at least one close call on almost every single long ride that I’ve been on.  And truthfully this makes me more than just scarred.  It makes me angry.  I shouldn’t have to worry that I won’t make it home to see my family because drivers are impatient and unwilling to share the road.  So, I’m asking you all to think when you’re the one behind the wheel.  Please pass cyclist safely and give us the three feet of passing space.  Please don’t buzz us and lay on your horn.  It’s reckless and dangerous.  My son and my family thank you for your patience and your understanding while sharing the roadways.

2 – And just a quick two today.  I spent my Sunday tracking various athletes at multiple races in the Ironman series.  I have to say that you have all inspired me yet again.  The hard work and determination that was left out on the course is amazing.  Some of you raced for long hours while other races in scorching heat and thunderstorms.  I applaud you and I thank you.  You have reignited a fire in me to be the best that I can be.  So congrats on your awesome races.  I’ll see you out there this weekend.  We can!

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