Iron {Crazies}

Well here’s the story of my Iron Crazies.  I followed up my day yesterday, with my first trip out to the Bethlehem Triathlon Club (BTC) for the season.  I had been our to Warners Lake once last summer as a guest.  However, this year I have joined as I know that I need the open water swims on a weekly basis and I can’t often get to the Tuesday night swims with the Capital District Triathlon Club.  


Oh, the wetsuit…

Anywho… this was my first open water swim of the season.  I had 2000 yrds on the plan.  Putting on my wetsuit was a struggle as it always is the first time or two.  My first loop in the water was a little rocky as I tried to remember how to sight, not puke, etc.  It doesn’t help that something is going on with my right shoulder, so for some of the swim, I really felt like I was getting no rotation.  The second loop was much better.  I was able to find a rhythm.  And although I still had some difficulty sighting, it didn’t throw my whole swim off like it did during the first loop.  I was happy to complete a mile in the time that I did.  I hope to put down another strong swim next week to boost my confidence going into my first race of the season.  And I can also say that I’m wondering about switching to a sleeveless wetsuit.  I’m thinking I’ll get better rotation, but I’m not sure.  I didn’t panic.  All is good.  Moving on.

Yet again, the swim was part of a bigger workout.  So, I transitioned out of the swim and we headed out for a five-mile run.  Last night was a beautiful night to be outdoors and the run didn’t feel all that bad despite all that I had already done yesterday. And then it happened.  The Iron Crazies showed up.  

At mile  3, I broke down.  I didn’t understand why a 5 mile run could feel like such work.  I was frustrated with my pace, although it was not the slowest I’ve ever done by any stretch of the imagination.  I got nervous thinking about doing a half ironman next weekend.  And then, I turned to my number one supporter in life and told him that I didn’t want to talk to him anymore and ran back in the other direction.  I got about a 1/4 of a mile before I realized that I was being a total jerk.  That I was scarred and taking it out on the wrong person.  I continued to run thinking about that and thinking about all that lay before me.  When I took off I planned to cut the five-mile run short because I just wanted to quit.  As we rounded the corner to finish the run short at the parking lot, I pulled myself together and said to B, come on.  We kept running.  I made an apology for being a jerk and then I said, I can do this.  I said it as much for him as for me.  I said, I will never get stronger by quitting.  I can do this.  I am not going to bail.  And I did.  And I finished we finished the entire workout.

best self

If only I could channel this… 

I think the break down was a result of still being over tired from yesterday.  I know that it was a result of being nervous about the tough days ahead.  Who knows.  But I do think that I managed to step back and put it in perspective and just finish the run.  I rationalized the minutes in my head and reminded myself that it was just minutes.  And then I once again, equated it to being a part of Ironman training.  Sometimes, you have to keep going even when you don’t want to.  This was one of those times.  I win mind.  This time I win.  

(And p.s. to B – Thank you for not freaking out on me out there when I broke down.  Chalk it up to Iron Crazies.  I’ll work on it.) 

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