Feeling {Meh}

Remind me that this will all be worth it.  In fact, don’t remind me, I know.  If When Mike Reilly says “Sarah Fisk, You are an IRONMAN” all of this will be worth it.  But today, right now, oh man…

tinman pack facePackin’ Face

My entire body aches and I am drop dead exhausted.  And my understanding is that it only gets better from here.   Yesterday started at 4:15 AM… There was a bike ride and a run… aka the brick.  It was followed by a full day of work and then the Summer Solstice 14k trail run up and down some mountainous terrain.  So about three hours of working out plus a work day equals a long 19+ hour day.  Back to bed and up six short hours later.

I’m a sleeper.  I like 9-10 hours of sleep per night.  And now I’m torturing myself with split workouts, doubles and bricks.  I seriously could fall asleep at the drop of a hat.

All. day. long.

226457_2095094541101_1357442524_32518381_7363491_nThis is it… All. Day.

I guess at this moment it’s leaving me feeling very, shall I say meh.  (I swear, to those of you who ask, meh is a feeling.  The urban dictionary … a reliable resource, says it’s indifference, when one simply does not care.)

IMG_9341An older meh, picture.  Meh, I ran a race.  What.

Don’t get me wrong, the benefits of the training are there and I can tell.  The training is bringing me along as I feel my body getting stronger each day.  But I’m feeling meh because today I’m wrapped up in the physicality of it.  I am sitting here and I can feel the muscles (all of them) in my legs throbbing from the workouts that they’ve completed in the past few days.  I feel strong, but I also feel 100 years old.

IMG_3705  Cue sad face…

And yet some how I have a really tough half ironman next weekend.  This ought to be fun.

So, tell me people.  Do the workouts ever leave you feeling meh?  Does anyone have any good tips to work through it?

Maybe I better hurry up and schedule that massage!

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2 Responses to Feeling {Meh}

  1. I completely agree! I just posted a blog last week that had a “why the heck am I doing this” philosophy behind it. Some weeks are easier than others, and the easy weeks seem like the most difficult because then you want to be doing something. Ironman is a deceitful sport… it just sucks you in!! Good luck in training!

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