Sport 4 {Nutrition}

So my next big challenge in Ironman Training is nutrition.   Many people say that it’s the fourth part of a triathlon.  I think that they may be on to something as this becomes more and more clear to me each week when I head out for my long days.  Take Saturday’s bike ride for example.

photo(11)Here I am, reloading my pockets with food at a country store…

I recapped this ride and what I ate.  But recall … I had G2 gatorade in my aero bottle.  In the first hours I had a strawberry cliff shot.  Next up was a package of honey stinger chews.  Then I had a honey stinger waffle.  I also at a go macro bar as my last snack.  This ride was four hours and about 4,000 feet of climbing.  I’m relatively certain that I was under fueled by about 100 calories per hour.  I didn’t bonk, which was good, but I was really starting to feel that amount of work that I had done by the end of the ride.  We rode 63 miles.  On race day this leaves me with another 49 miles to ride and a marathon (26.2 miles) to run.  So I definitely need to make sure that I eat more than this.  As one of my training peeps says, your bike ride should be ” a moving buffet.”  Meaning eat up essentially.

So, now to figure out what I need to do differently from Saturday’s ride.

I need to eat a good breakfast before heading out the door.  (I admittedly didn’t do this Saturday.  I gave most of my breakfast to the dog.)

532993_10200835070465621_987849589_nI have a hard time saying no to this sweet face!

Because there was awhile between breakfast and the start of the ride, I probably could have taken a gu or something of the like at the start of the ride, rather than waiting for an hour.

The next thing that I’m doing is setting the alert timer on the new G-Money (my garmin.)  My plan is to make this thing go off every 15 minutes to ensure that I’m drinking enough and every 45 minutes as a reminder for food.

I am also planning to start carrying salt tabs.  I’ve experienced some cramping on the bike and I want to absolutely prevent this from happening on race day.

And last…. I think that I’m going to start bringing real, yes real, food on the bike.  Just gu’s and chews are not going to do it for me come race day.  I’ve read lots of Ironman in Training people talking about eating potatoes on the bike.  I’m not totally sure how this is accomplished, but I continually hear that it’s the bees knees.  So, I plan to start experimenting with what real food I can eat in the first 75-80 miles of the bike.  After that I need to keep it simple in order to head out on the run.

So those are the things that I’m working on nutritionally.  I’m pretty good on hydration.  I either use G2 or Nuun and water.

So people, now’s the time to weigh in.  What works for you on race day?  Share and share alike!

the goodsWhat Works for You?

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