{Two Things Tuesday} Long Rides & OWS Season!

1) I’m currently in the midst of planning every long ride possible.  After not being able to complete the Tour de Cure due to weather, I’m really on a kick for the long ride.  For one, I didn’t get to complete what I had set out to do.  For two, I liked it.  (I feel a little bit like a commercial for some cereal, Mikey liked it!) But I did, I liked it.  And that’s a new thing for me and my bicycle.  Oh, and I looked again at the bike course for Ironman Lake Tahoe.

photo(8)Please note the description…. this is not my handy work, but it should be!

Yes, I think that getting in as many long rides as possible between now and then is essential.  Lucky for me I’m training with three of my bestest triathlon supporters for this crazy lil race.  So when I had a minor melt down yesterday in recapping that this ride has 2 category 2 hills, 2 category 3’s and 7 (yeah, I said 7) category 5’s, they essential said oh well and followed it up with so when do you want to go to the pain cave?  Sweet.  As I stated aloud last night,  I cannot change the course, all I can do is train for it.  So, this weekend will offer up another 4:45 ride.  Next weekend will be something comparable and we’ll go up from there.  I’m diligently searching for century rides as many weekends as possible between now and September.  I will be one with my bike.

2) It would appear that we are closing in on the 100 day mark.  There are 103 to be exact. For now I’m ignoring the day & week count, strapping on my new swimmin’ garmin and heading to my first ows of the season on Thursday night.  (I still think it’s too cold and murky!) But again, with the time ticking down, I guess it’s time to get on it.  Hopefully, a solid open water swim is exactly what I need to calm these nerves….

photo(5)Come on little swimmin’ garmin, let’s do this!

What are your two things this Tuesday?

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