Tour de Cure Century {Ride Report}

Yesterday was the last day of my really big training week and it was the Tour de Cure.  What a great ride.  Everyone who is there has fundraised for the American Diabetes Association.  I had the great fortune to raise over $500 for the day’s event.


Checking in with lots of other people at 6:30 AM.

My favorite female triathlete, Laurie, and I had decided last fall that we would fundraise and we would ride the full century… 100 miles.  I can pretty safely admit that this would be my longest ride for the training cycle.  The farthest I had gone thus far was about 50 miles.  Anyway, we checked in at 6:30 AM (I swear I will one day find a new hobby that starts later in the day!).  We got all set up on our bikes, threw some fuel in our pockets and headed to the start line.  The century was set to go off at 7 AM with varying distances following.

IMG_3073Waiting through announcements, the national anthem and more.

We took off from the start line a little late by the time all of the announcements were read.  There was a lot of emphasis on safety for both the high heat and the potential for severe storms.  We crossed our fingers and clipped into our pedals hoping that we’d finish the ride before any storms hit.


A map of the course.

Our ride was fairly uneventful in the beginning.  We rode past farms and various scenic areas of Saratoga County.  We chit chatted, sang songs, made plans, etc.  Riding long with a good friend really makes the time go by.  As we left the mile 62 rest stop we heard our first claps of thunder.  At that point, we had to head out up through Corinth and then towards Hadley, over the dam and back down.


Refueling at an Aide Station

We made it to the damn before it started raining.  We stopped so Laurie could put on a rain coat and we could both make sure our phones were in their ziplock bags.  As we started across the damn, you could look and see the line of rain as the trees were not visible.  Half way across the dam, we were hit with the wall of rain and hail and crazy winds.  We continued on as we were 8-10 miles from an aide station and there wasn’t much we could do.  At one point we did bag off into an unopened bar to stay out of the thunder and lightning for a few minutes.  Eventually we made our way to the rest stop at mile 78.  I may have talked to the man in the sky for a few minutes as there was lightning all around us and I just wanted to get off my bike and into a building!

After calling others who had finished the metric century (62 miles) for a ride, we decided to get back on our bikes and try again.  We only got about a mile before we turned around and headed back to the building.  The skies were insane and it just wasn’t worth trying to make it back the 20 miles.  About the time we got back to the aid station, the ride was officially terminated for rider safety.  SAG vehicles were sent to pick up bikes and riders. Fortunately we had a lift already en route.  While soaked, we were safe.

I can say that I was a little sad to have not hit the 100 mile mark, but at the same rate, I was so proud of myself for enduring 80 miles with no real issue minus the ridiculous storms.  This all makes for a happy Sarah.  We checked back in with the race to let them know we were safe, changed our clothes and went to get a hot (big) lunch with friends.


Hot Lunch at Druthers Makes Life Better!


Happy, Sad Faces… Happy for 80, Sad for Not 100…. Next time!

Anyhow.  It was a good day despite the storms.  I’m happy to have done the Tour and I will definitely be there again next year for more, hopefully less weather affected, fun.

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