{Ironman Training} It’s here to stay

Swim Run

Scenes from the swim run brick yesterday…

Whoa…. Ironman training is here and it looks like it’s here to stay.  The last two weeks have been a rude awakening as I’m coming out of the base phase and preparing to move into the build phase of this training plan.  I’ve also been working much harder to get the workouts in and not skip out.  This has led to a lot of 4:30 AM workouts.  Good thing I have good friends that are crazy enough to want to train at that hour with me.  As I’m sure you can imagine this also leads to some seriously early bed times as well.


IM training comes complete with lots of crazy texts!

This week in particular is a little nuts.  Here’s a look:

Monday – 5 mile run

Tuesday – 1:30 bike, 3 mile run

Wednesday – 2800 yrd swim

Thursday – 1:30 bike, 2 mile run, 1200 yrd swim

Friday – 12 mile run (breaking this out into two 6 milers to adjust to heat, etc.)

Saturday – 3800 yrd swim (ugh, back and forth…. back and forth)

Sunday – Tour de Cure …. 100 mile bike ride

All in all I’ll have something crazy like 19 hours in this week.  Self induced a little though as the training plan doesn’t call for the 100 miler, but rather 62.  But I refuse to back down.  It’s a Tour and it will be done at a Tour pace and it will be done.  That is all on that.

Right now, life reminds me a little bit of the Ironman training video… Have a look if you haven’t.  It’s great for a laugh.

Ok, ok, that video is indeed mostly true.  We are crazy.  We triathletes, especially the long course ones are required to be a little bit crazy just to show up at the start line.  But seriously now, all in all, I feel good.  I feel strong.  I feel like I’m tackling this thing one day at a time.  I know that my support crew and training partners are a huge part of helping me to get it done and to feel this way.  I mean geez, I have suckered my coach into training like this and she’s only doing a half ironman…

So, I need to use this thinking for my mental game.  I need to remember days like today where I feel like this is very doable and keep just what’s in front of me in sight.  No running away from a long week.  No saying, you know what I can’t do this.  Because look it…. I’m doing it.


And that my friends is how I’m starting this weekend.  How about you?

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