{VCM} The Race That Wasn’t

I’m not going to go into great detail here because I’m still a little bent out of shape about this.  But here’s the “race recap” for the VCM Marathon Relay.

The weather was bad…. 40 degrees, 20 mph winds and rain.

There were kids who needed to be swapped at the relay exchange point.


While spectators of this height are uber cute, you feel bad when they’re in the rain!

It just felt like a bad idea from the word go.

So it was the race that wasn’t.  It wasn’t.  We went.  We saw friends at mile 9, visited a museum and then saw them again at the rainy finish line.


Awww, the amaze-ment!


And there were dinosaurs!

It was a rainy weekend.  I still think that passing on the race due to the fact that there were no babysitters to watch the kids was the right call.  It was not an A race, but rather a fun training race with friends.  Once it was not that, it was cancelled.  Done.

It’s hard to let that be.  But it will be what it will be. And the race is over so I cannot go back now.  I do have a sweet new shirt that I like.  And I got some great pictures on the way home …. better late than never….


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