The weather this spring/early summer has been unusually cold here in Upstate NY.  It recently warmed up and now we’re having a week of rain.  I know that lots of other people have bigger weather woes than I.  I do.  I swear.  But I’m tired so I’m venting.  In the past three days, between having a kiddo and now this ridiculous weather, I have spent every day, indoors on my bike trainer . Today’s ride began at the wee hour of 4:45 AM.  I am getting up super early in order to head downstairs, strap on my shoes and pedal in place.  Fortunately for me, I’ve got good friends and thus, good company for these early am rides, and they’ll join me again tonight for another boring grueling two hours.  Maybe I’m a wimp, but with a two-hour ride on the schedule and 70-80% change of thunderstorms, I’m just not willing to risk heading outdoors, even though I want to…. badly.

482421_648948395120409_1742668924_nMy daily view this week, only thing missing is the sweaty triathletes!

Since I’ve had a good amount of time to ride in place and think, I’m going to give you a list today of the silly things that are bothering me.  This is my current list of #triathleteproblems… Let’s go.

1 – Bike shorts do not come equipped with a pillow to sit on.  Nor are bike seats pillow-esque.  Enough said.

2 – People in pools do not always know how to swim on their side of the lane.  I was attacked last night by a dude doing the back stroke at the gym.  This attack happened more than once.  Wouldn’t you think that after the first or second time that you might try to stay on your side of the lane?

3 – I cannot recall what it’s like to sleep past 6 AM.  I occasionally have the opportunity, but my stupid body has now decided that it’s always going to wake up in the 5 o’clock hour because it’s used to it.  And then once I’m awake, well, I guess I might as well get up.

4 – My skin is drying out and I’m going through oodles of soap, shampoo and conditioner.  Yesterday’s workout scheduled commanded that I take 3 showers throughout the course of the day.  Three.  I mean seriously……… I’m going to also run out of towels as I cannot keep up.

5 – Speaking of running out of things, how does one buy enough food for Ironman training.  I am eating, eating, eating.  Breakfast 1, breakfast 2, snack, lunch, lunch 2, etc.  You get the picture.  Yikes.

6 – And somehow I’m supposed to also have a life.  Hahaha.  Well, yeah.  Ok.  I’ll get to that after my 3.5 hour bike ride and my 13 mile long run.  Oh wait, I have a 3800 yard swim to do.

7 – There are water bottles, gu packets, swim caps, sneakers, etc strewn everywhere.  I can no longer contain them.

8 – I think I can no longer smell sweat and/or smells?  Someone asked me yesterday if I smelled something.  Nope, I didn’t notice.  Was I supposed to?

Don’t get me wrong I find this all entertaining and laugh at myself.  I have to, otherwise what else would I do.  So, with just over seventeen weeks to go, those are the current “issues.”  I can imagine they’ll only get worse.  Hopefully I’ll have less time to spin in place and think about them soon enough…. if the weather will just break.


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