{Two Things Tuesday} Bring it!

1.  After Sunday’s bike ride, I think that I am ready for training to start ramping up.  Even though we cut the ride short (due to the sub-zero temperatures and rain), I felt relatively strong and despite the giant hill climbs, I didn’t want to throw my bike into the nearest ravine.  This is a huge deal for me.  I’m learning to “embrace the suck” and just ride the bike.  I’m enjoying the flats and the downhills even more and I no longer hate the hill climbs.  They just are what they are.  Did I mention that the climbs are usually accompanied by a downhill?  Possibly like the one into Hague, where we reached 40 miles an hour.  Talk about whoaaaaa on a bike.  Yowza fun, but yowza fast.  Anyway, I’m ready for the long training that lies ahead of me in the next 18 weeks.  Yes, 18 weeks to Ironman Lake Tahoe.  That is where we are.  Bring it.

IMG_2936Biking does require work to get ready … right ladies?!

2.  And to round out that 12 and a half hour week, I have a half marathon.  I’m running the Vermont City Marathon two-person relay for the third year in a row.  And I’m quite looking forward to it.  The weather thus far is forecasted to be in the 60’s and I do love Burlington so I’m pretty pumped.  Plus there will be lots of friends, family and fun included.  So I’m happy to be spending my Memorial Day at Vermont City again this year.

578321_4117242335939_940047089_nBack to Burlington!

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