Taking a {Little} Break

Whoa…. life has been crazy. In the last few weeks things have been nuts and I’ve been sick. It was becoming increasingly difficult to fit in the work outs with out adding stress and I was unable to determine how I was going to swim while coughing and not drown. So, I finally threw my hands up at some point last week and decided to give myself a legitimate break & a rest card. While I did manage to still get some training in, it was very little in comparison to what I have been doing. And truthfully, none of it felt very good.

I will say that it’s hard for me to step back and let myself miss multiple planned workouts without beating myself up. On Saturday, I beat myself up intensely after shortening what should have been a thirteen mile run down to ten miles. In the grand scheme of things, I still completed ten difficult (for me) miles, but really, would another three miles have killed me? No, but I knew my body (still recovering from this brutal cough & cold) needed to be done. So sometimes I have to work to remind myself that it’s ok to know when to say when. And in fact it’s important. I needed a little recovery and some time to get better…. but it’s still hard to do.

In the end, I think that overall, I made the best of it. And I tried to instead, just enjoy the moments.

Getting things done at our water stop on the course


Learning to ride a bike. He’s almost officially a rider. Managed to get the pedaling down last night, but then the steering went out the window!


I got cool, on the run, mama gifts …. including new kicks!


And went for a fun three mile hike, with minimal complaints of needing to be carried.

So, while it’s taken me a few days to be ok with the reduced training load and get over the feeling that I’m a slacker, I’m quite ok with it now. Because today, on a new day and a new training week, I feel strong, and I feel ready to get back at it. With my first century ride (100 mile) in a little over two weeks and my first Half Iron distance race in just six weeks, it’s time to get serious and get to getting it….. I mean, I need to live up the cover photo right?


How about you? How do you handle being down and out? I’m never ok with it until I just accept it and move on. I swear that one day I will get better! Ok …. I hope anyway.

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  1. Tamara S. says:

    I understand! I had a “slight” cold and did my first century. Ugh! It knocked me out! It’s been over two weeks and I’m just getting better. I’ve missed many workouts in these two weeks, But I know if I don’t rest then I’ll never get better. I skipped some workouts and just shortened some others. I also did some at the gym in a nice controlled environment so I could stop if necessary. Get the rest you need and let your body heal. Being sick sucks! Here’s to good health and great training!!!!

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