{Not} Faking It

When you’re training for a race that is 140.6 miles, you have a lot of time to think.  Time to think while you’re swimming, time to think while you’re biking on the trainer or the open road and time to think while you’re logging miles in your running sneakers.  Sometimes the thinking is good and other times it’s not always the best.

When I get caught up in the thinking, I try and focus on the stories.  Our life stories.  Each athlete on the race course has a story that includes  what in their lives led them to that start line and the sacrifices that they’ve had to make in order to be there.  Completing an Ironman requires an immense amount of training as well as a lot of planning.  There’s a lot that goes into that one day.  And it’s truly inspiring.  And that inspiration is what gets me out the door to complete my training for the day.

As someone told me, you can’t fake an Ironman.  So, here’s to not faking it and hopefully passing on a little inspiration to you ….

Happy Friday peeps! And Happy Training!

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2 Responses to {Not} Faking It

  1. Dad says:

    You go girl, Love you, Dad

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