{IMLT} I’m Scared

To all of you who have been reading right along, I think I’ve hinted around it enough that you already know I’m scared of Ironman Lake Tahoe.  (My friends, who listen to me, know that I’m scarred.)


I’m not afraid of Ironman.  Well, not really.  I mean there’s the issue of the two thousand or so other ninjas who sign up to swim with you, near you, on top of you, etc.  Well, that’s just yikes.  And yes, in order to cover 140.6 miles, one must put in a very long day out on the course.  But I’ve seen it done.  With the proper training it’s doable, difficult but doable.

So there’s Ironman and my feelings on it.  But then there’s Ironman Lake Tahoe… Have I mentioned that this is the Inaugural Ironman Lake Tahoe meaning it’s a brand spanking new race.  So, when my finger hit the register button I really and truly did not know much about it other than the pictures looked beautiful and it involved 140.6 mile after which Mike Reilly would say “Sarah Fisk, you are an Ironman.” (Whoa, I tear up just typing that… Holy Guacamole.)

Anywho, since I registered, I’ve had some time to do some research and lots of info has come out about the Ironman LT course.  Let me give you a little snippet, right from their website…

“Race morning starts at the Kings Beach State Recreation Area, where sandy, beach-front shores deliver athletes to the pristine clear waters of North Lake Tahoe. A lakeside transition and the start of the bike course brings riders along the shore with spectacular views down the 21-mile length of the Lake as riders enter Tahoe City. Riders race through the Truckee River corridor, following the Truckee River past Squaw Valley and into the town of Truckee. Here the course turns south back toward the Lake, rolling past Northstar California and the start of the climb to Brockway Summit at a 7,200 foot elevation.
Back at Kings Beach, the athletes repeat another loop before finishing at Squaw Valley, home to the 1960 Winter Olympics. With a transition at Squaw Valley, the runners will proceed back up the Truckee River corridor along the Truckee River bike path. Athletes will be treated to a relatively flat course along one of the most scenic stretches in world before returning back to Squaw Valley and the satisfying finish of IRONMAN Lake Tahoe.”
Originally from: http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/ironman/lake-tahoe.aspx#ixzz2RVbdMAQg


Whoaaaaaaaaaa, were you paying as much attention to that as I was?  Did they say that the bike course climbs to an elevation of 7,200 feet.  Yes, yes they did.  Did you know that I live at an elevation of approximately 285 feet? Yes, yes I do.  So right here is my massive stumbling block.  How does one train for a race of this magnitude at that elevation while living here in the Capital District of NYS? It’s a seriously good question that I still don’t have an answer for so please let me know if you have any suggestions.  I mean, when my fasty-fast training gal pal who finished Ironman Lake Placid with a 12 in front of her time (see …. told you, fast) says out loud that she’s really hoping we can all finish, you know that you might be in over your head.  I scolded her loudly for saying this out loud as we were cruising down the bike path on Tuesday night.  But sheesh, if she’s scared…. I don’t even know what the word for what I am is.  (By the way, there are more reasons than just the elevation, I’ll get to those another day.)

20130331-181116.jpgI will be a toughman… one training session at a time

While I await your suggestions as to what to do I’m rethinking a bit of my attitude and my training thus far.   I’ve already been kind of half doing my training.  The plan I hijacked am using is aggressive, so I’m always quick to cut it short.  For example, this weekend I will be completing more mileage than is in a half ironman.  My actual half is not until the end of June, so we’re way ahead here so again, I’m quick to cut.  Not any more.

Seeing the course profile for this bad boy and thinking about how difficult it’s going to be, I’m getting the training done if it kills me. Yesterday for example, I awoke before the world, went swimming for 2400 yards, ran three miles after work and ran another two miles before my son’s t-ball game.  I will make ways to get the training in.  I will no longer half @#$ this. I’m too scared to!

photo(8)Practicing our scared faces at on-call

But seriously….. I am genuinely scarred.  Is this normal?  Am I crazy?  My other peeps (there are four of us) who are training for Tahoe, don’t seem quite as nervous.  Maybe they’re just good fakers?  I don’t have much of a poker face so I’ll just openly say that for this race, I am genuinely nervous.  I need to channel some inner you’ve got this mojo and then I need to eat, sleep and breathe it.

Any other ideas?  And seriously…. is this normal?!?!

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5 Responses to {IMLT} I’m Scared

  1. Tamara says:

    I’m scared too! I also registered before “really” looking at altitude and course maps. We need to stay focused and do the work. Try to swim bike and run at the highest elevation around you. I did swim at kings beach and drive the course last August. Crystal, pristine water! Beautiful scenery! We can do this!!!

    • Sarah F says:

      Gahhhhhh so you’ve been though. I won’t be until right before. I have a friend who swam at kings. She took pics for me…. Be-e-eautiful!

      Just gotta keep moving forward right?!

      • Joe says:

        I’m registered and very scared. I though, this race is in my back yard…I have no excuse not to do it. Then I looked at the elevation gain…terrified now. Just get as much climbing in as possible. That’s all we can do. I just want to finish!

      • Sarah F says:

        gahhhhhhhhhhh again, i love that people are commenting that are doing the race!!!! i have no peeps out there just the four of us that are coming. it is soooooo good to touch base with others who are heading out for this race. and yes, climbing climbing climbing.

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