{Mental} Training

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Saturday was a ca-razy day.  The day was supposed to start with a long training run.  It was also supposed to start with the opening day parade for C-man’s t-ball season.  So the only way to get the run in would have been to be out and running at 5:30 AM.  After a full training week that included some serious leg work with my favorite non-coach coach, I knew that the alarm would be met with the snooze button.  I mentally and physically (ouch to all of those lunges and tire flipping) couldn’t do it.  I opted for the extra sleep and instead just got up like a normal person, had coffee, a bagel and went to the opening day parade.  Once the parade concluded, I headed to work to attend a Girls in STEM event and co-present on summer science camp opportunities for girls.  And then from there I went directly to a baby shower for my very bestest friend and her lil baby boy that she’s growing.  (Cannot wait to meet what will surely be the cutest babe ever! Pizza!)

So, needless to say I pulled into the driveway from the day’s activities at about 5:15.  I got changed for my run immediately, despite the gale force winds that were howling outside.  I then set my alarm on my phone for twenty minutes and I laid down and took the shortest power nap.  When I got up and headed out the door with my favorite furry running partner, I was already negotiating with myself as to how many miles I was going to run.  I had said at the baby shower that I had no intention of doing more than 5 miles.

The temperature was warmish but the wind was brutal right off the bat.  G-money and I were hitting a slow pace.  I knew I was beat and I was only at mile two.  I always struggle with the first two so, I promised myself that if I kept going I could bag it at mile 5 as I looped back by the house.  And sure enough around mile 4 I started to feel like things were not as bad as they seemed, so I made a turn that would put me all in for a seven mile run.  I knew I could do seven and at the very least that would be when I needed to drop the dog off as that’s truly her limit.


When I dropped her off at the seven mile mark, I refueled, drank a bunch of water and then I had to make a mental decision.  I could quit and use any number of excuses for not finishing the run …. busy day, really sore leg muscles, losing sunshine, windy weather, but in that moment I thought about race day.  I thought about all of the excuses that I had, but then I thought about who I would really be letting down.  I had to make a mental decision at that point to let my head get the best of me or commit to finishing at least 10 miles.  I had to make a decision to be mentally stronger than my legs in that moment.  And I did.  I went back out and was so proud of myself for finishing a slow 10 mile run that I didn’t start until at almost six pm.

I came away from that run with a big puff of air in my sails.  While it wasn’t a fast training run, it said a lot for my mental training and my ability to dig deep and get through the workout even when I would have rather done anything but.  Ironman training is hard, but I’m learning to be tough, even when I don’t want to be.  Sometimes you just have to push through and it will be worth it in the end.  I’m hoping that I have the staying power to keep making these smart decision from now through the end of September.  And maybe after that I can do a little bit of this eh?

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