{Two Things Tuesday} Foxy & Her Saddle

1 – After Sunday’s two and a half hour bike ride and a one hour and ten minute trainer ride this morning, I can report that my flying muscles (shoulders, etc.) are sore and the new bike has a name.  I’m still adjusting to my new tri bike and riding in aero position will take some getting used to.  The really great news right out of the gate is that even with Sunday’s crazy wind… I feel just as comfortable as though I was riding Scarlett.  I was nervous that I would be a spaz and crash the bike because it was a new position.  Not so.

IMG_2293One day I’ll snap a picture with her colors…

And between Friday and today the new bike has managed to pick up a name that I’m pretty sure is the winner.  I consulted my two tri gals for suggestions as we seem to be the ones who are most hung up on what the bike’s name is.    I kicked a few past them and they were all rejected.  Fortunately one of them came up with Grey Fox.  That’ll be her long name as she is a grey bike, but I’ll call her Foxy for short.

2 – And a new saddle …. Sunday was Foxy’s first venture outdoors.  I have ridden her a few times indoors on the trainer.  With a trainer ride, it’s tough to say if you love the new bike, don’t like the new bike, etc.  I mean it felt ok, but I wasn’t really going any where.  The one thing I did know for sure from riding on the trainer was that I did not like the saddle that it comes with.  Oh lady parts, yikes.  Seriously, it was like riding a bike while sitting on a giant block of wood.  Because of this I made sure to get myself up to Blue Sky Bicycles on Saturday after a ‘lil Easter Egg hunting to try out their saddle test ride program.

photo(5)Egg Hunting….

So for $40 you get to try a new saddle on your bike, which they mount.  They of course make recommendations after measuring your “sit bones.”  If you like the saddle, you can buy it and $30 of what you spent goes towards the new saddle.  So the test ride, which lasts for a week, only runs you $10.  It’s a try before you buy kind of deal.  Awesome option as saddle’s aren’t cheap, especially if you don’t get the one that works for you! Because of all of this, yesterday I was able to ride trying out a new Specialized women’s oura saddle.  I can tell you that thus far, I love it.  Way, way, way more than the saddle that the bike came with that’s for sure.  I am planning to get a few more rides in this week on the trainer to make sure it’s the saddle for me.  If I’m not quite sure, it’s only $10 to try a different one.  So we shall see.  But if your local bike shop has a set up like this, I highly recommend trying out a saddle before buying it.  Totally worth it.

I like the bike, I like the saddle, we didn’t crash and life was good.  I road with the speedy boys, who brought their slow bikes so I could be fastish next to them.  That was super nice of them.  All in all, it was a great first outdoor ride and I am thrilled to be doing Two Things Tuesday about biking! How about you?  Have you been outside with your bike yet?

20130331-181116.jpgBiking is fun… in almost any weather!

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