{Two Things Tuesday} Sun & Another Schedule Change

1 – The sun was shining today!!!!!!!! Yes, this requires it’s own “thing.” Spring has been eluding us thus far this year.  It looks as though the weather may finally be making a change.  In fact, I’m going to be optimistic and hope that I may be able to get one of my three bike rides in outdoors this week instead of on the trainer.  That alone is worth a lot of cheering, let alone how great it is to run in the sunshine rather than under a dreary dismal sky.  So three cheers for sun people.  Let’s hope it’s here to stay.


Let’s get this girl outside and see what she can do!

2 – In my ever evolving race schedule, some things have been dropped due to life, and I’m good with that.  Looks like the marathon will have to happen in late fall or something of the sort.  I’m okay with dropping it as it gives me more time to focus on the training that’s important and that includes swimming, biking and running, rather than just the long run.  But I am happy to report that the long runs are getting easier and easier.  I’m getting in at least one ten miler every week, so maybe by the time the Bear Mountain Half Marathon and Vermont City Relay role around in the next month, I’ll be near the top of my running game and they will be F-U-N, rather than a form of torture.  And in the mean time, I’ve picked up some fun small races like a 5k trail race.  So farewell to the marathon distance, for now.  I’m embracing the rest of my training and all of the great things that are ahead for us.

cap district

Now please, let’s take this party outdoors!

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