25 weeks

I’ve been MIA.  I admit it.  But I’m back to blogging and with a big check in.  Yesterday, in reviewing various training plan options for the big race,  I realized that I have just over 25 weeks until I will be toeing the line at Ironman Lake Tahoe.  That’s it…. 25 weeks.  I’m sure to many people, that sounds like quite a bit, but I can assure you to me, that sounds terrifying.  However, I’m less terrified now than I was a few short weeks ago.  And that is because I’ve finally committed myself to training.


Now, truly is the right time.

Honestly, I didn’t want to get on a plan too early, even though I do have a half Ironman at the end of June.  I am genuinely afraid of burning out and/or injury.  So, I’ve kind of half trained for the last couple of months.  I’ve been training, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t really been “following a plan.” This has given me the freedom to sort of do what suits me. It’s also given me the freedom to regain some of my running mojo.  Boy, oh boy have I re-fallen for the middle distance run.

Example … Friday night after work I headed to the gym to put in a 7 mile run and a swim.  Once at the gym, I realized that I had no sneakers (doh!).  So, I headed home, hoping to at least save my run by doing it outdoors.  The whole way there I almost talked myself out of working out at all.  I didn’t want to run alone, it was windy, blah, blah and the list goes on.  But! When I got there, I decided to suck it up.  I laced my sneakers, grabbed the dog for some sort of company and headed out the door.  Typically my pup is only good for 3 or 4 miles.  Something magical happened on Friday night.  The minute we stepped out the door, the run just felt good.  We were holding a good solid pace, the wind was only bad in a few sections and we just kept running. Around 5 miles I headed near the house to drop off the gal thinking that she was probably done for the night.  When we neared the house, she didn’t slow, so we kept on running.  I burst through the door with the announcement that while I did not get in my swim, G-money and I had the best 7 mile run on record and we could have kept running for ages.  Who knows, what happened, but it clicked.  I LOVE the mid-distance run! Oh and I love running with my pup.


I love this face, more than she knows.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to spin on the trainer with company.  We rented a movie, Argo, and spun away for two hours.  It wasn’t all fun as I still hate the trainer, but it was certainly better with other people.  I can say that I recommend the movie as it was a great distraction.  And I recommend having girl scouts come and drop off cookies while you’re doing just such an activity.  The report from L was that they were very confused as who the heck watches movies while riding their bikes on a Saturday afternoon.  Well, all of you triathletes know the answer, we do.  We were then able to sample the cookies as fuel for the ride! Haha.  Anyway, I am certain that with the three bikes going we could have powered someone’s house, but alas we did not and rather just rode for two hours to nowhere.  I had hoped to take a picture, but the bikes came down before I got a chance.  Everyone showered and we were able to head out to restaurant week in Saratoga, which was a nice chance to catch up, relax and unwind!

S Restaurant Week

One Caroline Street – 4 Friends

And then all that was left for Sunday was the long run.  It was actually supposed to be a split long run with 10 miles in the am and another 3.5 in the afternoon/evening.  I suffered my way through the morning 10, not feeling well at all, but finishing and at a respectable pace.  After resting for some of the rest of the day, grocery shopping, meal planning, buying kids clothes at a huge consignment sale, I decided to pass on the evening run.  Unfortunately, yesterday just wasn’t my day and I wasn’t feeling 100% so I figured it better to pass than push it.  I stayed in and researched USAT certification for races.  I probably should have done the run, considering how frustrating that process was.


This time it’s my turn…

So all in all it was a good weekend and a good check in for me mentally to get me on track.  Today, I start an official plan for the remaining 25 weeks to Ironman.  I’m terrified and excited.  I can’t wait to see what training brings and how far I can push myself.  I’m also excited to spend time with all of these crazies that are more than friends, they’re family.  So we’re off people, 25 weeks and counting…. here we go!

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