{Two Things Tuesday} A Good & A Bad

1) Good – Oh daylight savings time, how I love thee!!!! Thanks to all of us shifting our clocks around I’m enjoying the extra hour of daylight after work.  Last night I met up with one of my best-est running peeps and friends for a run before we went out to dinner for girls night.  We were able to start a six-mile run at almost six o’clock and not have to worry about when the sun would set and would we be running in the dark.  It was fantastic.  We met at Lions Park on the Mohawk Hudson Bike Trail.  We put down six, well-lit although quiet miles. I was surprised at how few people were out enjoying the fifty degree weather.  Granted the sun wasn’t shining, but it’s been warm the last few days.  Might as well enjoy it as around here you never know when the weather will change back to cold and/or snowing.


I snapped this while speedy fast L ran one more mile.

2 – Bad – I’m annoyed by the pool schedule at the gym.  It really seems to be that if you don’t go bright and early before work, good luck getting in.  The evening has one or two lanes available for lap swim.  Blech.  That always means that there are four hundred people either in the lane or waiting to get in it ahead of me.  Annoying.  I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and do an am swim at least once (or more) each week.  Blech.  However, I will share that I finally used my new Finis Swimp3 player last week.  Truly, with music, swimming is not nearly as boring as I’ve always known it to be.  This is like a revelation for me.  I’m hopeful that it will keep me motivated to hit the pool.


What about you this Tuesday?  Enjoying the additional daylight?  Or dreading your next swim?  I hope your lap lane schedule is better than mine, that’s for sure!


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