A New Day

I have had a tough couple of days mentally.  I have not wanted to go anywhere near my bike trainer.  I spent the day yesterday in bed with some sort of stomach grossness.  No one wants to do that again and thus have missed a lot of training and have gotten frustrated.

But then today happened.  It started like any other day… minus this millionth snow storm that we’ve had all winter.  Let me sidebar –

Hello Winter,

You’re gorgeous. We had our fun, but I can safely say that I’m over you now.  You’ve been around for months.  I’ve skied. I’ve snowshoed and I’ve ice skated.  A LOT!

IMG_1776ADK Loj – An all time favorite place of mine


But you winter, have altered my workout plans continuously with your snowy surprises and today was no different, and did you get the memo where I had planned to ride outside this weekend?  Guess not.  If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you to skidaddle.  Deal?! Ok deal.

See you next year,


Ok, sorry about the sidebar… back to today.  After a regular start to the day, I got a Facebook message from a friend of mine.  I had posted a picture/quote about beating someone and the someone being my old self.  Work more, train harder, be stronger so I can beat the old me and all of her bad habits kind of thing.  While I posted it, I didn’t really believe that I can or am doing just that. The message caught me in a moment where I was negative self talking myself, about how maybe I’m in over my head here.  With being sick all day yesterday I had missed a big work out and now due to snow I had to postpone my seven mile run this morning.  I need to make up what I can after work, including a swim, while still having a life.  Haha.  So yeah, I was questioning my sanity and quite frankly my abilities when I got this:

Kind Friend – “So … Do you have a competitor to beat? I can try to help u get her. 🙂 ”

I smirked… Hahaha, like I could ever beat someone.  I can’t even get out of my own damn way half the time.  So, I replied:

Me – “Hahaha. Yes. My competition is myself. Work harder, do better. I really would like to feel confident and strong this year.  No more of this I can’t do it attitude.”

Kind Friend – “U never come across that way.  I have a mantra for the cant’s… I’m all over this! I like it because it’s not too touchy feely.  Sunshine barf does not work for those challenges… U seem to have really done great… I admire u.  Don’t be too hard on yourself… Just be your best coach… The kind u would want your son to have. You rock.”

Truthfully, I had to sit for a minute and tell myself that indeed this is truth.  And it was me being talked about. I am working on it.  I am a work in progress, but I am getting there.  And I am all over this.  So, while it took me forever to get to work today, I was determined that at lunch, snow or no snow I was going to get in part of my run.  And ….

runchI did.

It was a beautiful day for a run. I fully intend to do more after work.  And I fully intend to keep the words of friends in mind.  I can do this if I remember to not be too hard on myself and to see myself through other people’s eyes.  I have come a long way and while I have a lot of work to do, one bad day does not break me.

So people… did you have a moment today?  Are you also guilty of the negative self talk?  I’m the worst… Spill it.


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