Now Entering {The Sleep Cycle}


It’s just how we roll…

Since my weekend started I have managed the following… a 7 mile run, a doctor’s appointment, a basketball game, a 1.5 hour bike trainer ride, a 9 mile run, another basketball game, screaming children, lots of laundry, cooking, cleaning up and I’m sure the list goes on.  So needless to say it’s Sunday night and I’m beat.  I am drop dead exhausted at present.  I am wondering who else in this crazy endurance world and or in general has experience in this realm and can offer their words of wisdom.  Why in the world am I this tired?


Oh and we stumbled into a car building workshop

Before you ask, yes, I’ve slept.  I almost never go without sleep.  I’m a sleeper by nature.  Just ask, I don’t lie.  I sleep.  Selflessly.  I just had a conversation with my son’s school teacher about how we’re both crazy sleepers.  A train could come right through our house at night, as long as we were already asleep, I’m not certain we’d notice.  Good thing? I’m not sure but we are able to sleep just about anywhere and really through almost anything.

I’ve also fueled.  I feel as though I’ve replenished the calories that are needed, drank plenty of water, gatorade, oh and coffee.  But still the question remains.  Why my dear friends am I so tired?  My best guess is that it’s my body readjusting to what it’s like to follow (ish) a training plan and hit higher numbers.  I can remember the first marathon training cycle that I went through resulted in a lot of me falling asleep at an early hour and I know for a fact that I was lights out early a lot last spring/summer while training for Tinman.  I guess I’m just starting this sleep cycle a little earlier than last.

No more late nights for me.  Ha, ha, as if.  How about you?  Does putting in longer training times make you more tired?  Do you have techniques for managing it?

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1 Response to Now Entering {The Sleep Cycle}

  1. Oh….ditto. You are tired because you do a LOT. You’ve been doing it for so long you no longer realize it’s a LOT. I am never rested after a weekend. Or ever. I figure when the kids are out of the house I’ll rest. My issue, and probably yours, is there’s no time where we are really “off”. The brain or body or both are always working. We don’t veg out. I feel too guilty, it’s really hard for me to turn off. Maybe we both should work on that!!!

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