{Two Things Tuesday} Searching

I am searching for a couple of things this Tuesday.  Swimming Mojo & Warmer Weather.  Here we go!

1 – Swimming mojo…. Um, yeah, I haven’t really had that in months.  I’m trying to find it.  photo(3)I have to muster up the mojo, the time and the desire to get to the pool.  The funny thing is that the more people who I talk to the more I realize that swimming seems to be a pretty polarizing thing.  You either love it or you hate it.  I know a number of triathletes, myself included, who have taken an entire off-season away from the pool.  I’m guessing that I probably need to reconsider that you know with 2.4 miles on my schedule for 9/22.  I keep wanting to join the masters swims that take place at my local YMCA, but they intimidate the crap out of me.  They are serious swimmers.  I have no idea if it’s true or not, but a little birdie told me that they don’t like triathletes.  I don’t understand this…. we have neat gear, fancy outfits, and more! So, alas I still haven’t joined the masters swimmers.  I know darn well that if I did it would help my swimming tremendously.  Maybe this is the week.

photo(4)2 – And I’m ready for spring.  I think that everyone in Upstate NY is ready for spring.  I feel like this always happens by the end of February.  And I know that it won’t be long now.  I can feel it because the sun is shining and it’s already 30 degrees outside.  Oh and it’s the good kind of sun that warms you up from the inside.  The kind that makes your soul feel better.  Yes, I definitely need to spend some time outside getting some soul shine.  Yesterday I was wishing for a trail run in the woods, today I wish I was outside hiking.  Anyway, that’s my dreamy wish this Tuesday.  Please bring spring.  My hiking buddies and I are at the ready!

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