A Weekend, A Kickstart & We Need a Name!

Wooooooh, what a weekend.


Sexy socks boys, sexy socks!

It all started with the dodgeball tournament on Friday night.  And I will say again, if you have the opportunity to do some wicked fun sporting-ish games that make you feel like a youngster, do it.  We had a blast and I would play again in a heartbeat.  I ran across the tournament on the YMCA’s webpage on accident, but as soon as I saw it I knew we had to put a team together.  Fun. F.U.N.

I followed that up by heading to Saratoga mid day on Saturday to get in a long run for the weekend.  I met one of my favorite tri-gal’s and unfortunately we had to call the run at only seven miles.  At that point it was sleeting so hard that running was really no fun.  It hurt in fact.  So we wrapped it up and went to one of my new favorite establishments for lunch, Druthers.  Great food and good beer that they brew themselves.  It was so nice to get out of the cold for a hot meal and good lunch conversation.


Then the best thing happened.  I headed to Blue Sky Bicycles to pick up my new gal.  Mmmm, hmmm, my bike came in.  So, we went, we heckled the bike fitter, sorry Drew, and I got fitted for my new bike.  Wahooooo! So excited.  I immediately brought her home and set her up on the trainer.  She has her own space and she’s ready to go.  I wish it would stop snowing so I could take it outside, but I know my day will come, in time.  For now, we’ll be spinning away in my bedroom.  In fact, my little dude came home from his vacation this morning and when I wasn’t looking (or he thought I wasn’t) it became clear that he too knows how to ride the new bike.  Here’s what he did all on his own……

Getting on the bike

This looks a little bit like trouble.

So, with a good weekend behind me and everyone back in the same state, I’m ready to get super serious about training.  It’s not quite time to start the full on Ironman training just yet, but it is time to do more than just run and go to spin class.  I’m going to begin to get in all three sports with some strength training and yoga.  I’m truly excited to see what this training cycle has to offer.  Ready or not, the weekend is over and here I come! Now I’ve got to pick a name and I’ll be sure to tell you just how I feel about my new ride as I get comfortable.

How was your weekend?  Anything new and excited to kickstart your training?

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