Do You Have a {Club}?

Do you have a club?  I have a club.  In fact I have a couple of clubs.  What’s a club you ask?  A club is a running club, a triathlon club, a biking club, a club of friends who meets regularly to work out.  Clubs can be a fantastic motivator.


Look close, they’re wearing club jackets!

Tonight I ran with a group from our local running club, The Albany Running Exchange (ARE).  The ARE prides itself on the group run.  They have a whole bunch of space on their website devoted to group runs.  Any member can post a group run for any time, any where, any pace, etc.  These group runs are priceless.  Tonight I opted for the group run because it was 20 degrees outside with a semi yucky wind to boot.  If I had come home and headed out my own door to run in the cold and the dark alone, I would have bailed after three miles for sure.  By meeting the group, I was in for 6 miles.  No bailing, no turning around.  It’s just a group mentality thing.  There’s no quitting unless it’s absolutely necessary.


They train together and they Ironman together!

I’m also a member of my local triathlon club, The Capital District Triathlon Club (CDTC). The CDTC offers weekly training at a local lake in the summer.  They’ve added several off-season training opportunities.  In fact, this year I’ve actually decided to volunteer my time and help the club out further by being the Clothing Committee chair.  I’m the gal that gets the club clothing made, ordered, shipped out, etc.  You have a question about your tri top you come to me.


Just a few of the non-club club members

But these aren’t the only two clubs in the area.  There are several more.  There are other running groups and triathlon groups all around.  I also have a group of friends that I train with that might as well be a club.  (Think about it people, we could have spin classes with frozen yogurt, dodgeball tournaments and more.  And maybe we could stop going to work. I kid. I kid.)  These clubs are unbelievably valuable.  They offer great services to their members and often sponsor discounts.  But beyond that they provide a community of support and other like-minded people for you to get together with, train with and become fast friends with.

So I ask again, do you have a club?  If not, maybe it’s time!

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2 Responses to Do You Have a {Club}?

  1. I joined a running club about six years ago. Joining was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a runner. The support, encouragement and organized training runs have been fantastic.
    If anyone is looking for a club in their area check out this link: Road Runners Club of America. They have a directory of about 2000 clubs in the US.

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