{Two Things Tuesday} Lunch Time Fun

1) Anyone who knows me, knows that I continually say, well my schedule is tight today so I’ll run at lunch.  It always sounds good going in.  And then work happens or I lose my motivation or I’m just, well, hungry.  Well, last week I finally got my act together and I prioritized making sure that I did the run.  I think that what happened was that I was so sick of the treadmill and so desperate to see the sunshine that I opted to make it happen, no matter what.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is when the NY winter starts to get really long for me.  I long for the sun. I long for spring breeze.  So, I squeezed in two lunch time runs.  And I was happier for having done it, that’s for sure.  Regardless of all of the hills!  And as I thought about Ironman training, I realized that this will need to become part of the norm in order to fit in some of the doubles, etc.  So, here’s the lunch run and getting it done.


Slow & Steady wins the race on these hills, but it’s #proof!

2) You guys already know that I’m back on top of making sure that what I eat is (mostly) good food.  To this end, I’ve been experimenting a lot with awesome new dishes, anything but white flour, etc.  In this new determined state I have found guacamole.  Yes the avocado.  Now, I don’t generally love just avocado slices, however, I”m finding that I like them more than I used to.  But I do LOVE the individual packages of guac that are made by Wholly Guacamole.  Yes, yes, I know they are over priced but man, they are convenience and I don’t eat too much due to the individual serving size and none of it goes bad.  I’m obsessed.  I have been putting guac on anything I make with quinoa, salads,  and more.  You name it, I’m eating it.  What do you put guac on?


Let me count the ways that I love theeeeeee!

How’s your Tuesday shaping up?  Any new fitness accomplishments like a lunch time run or a lunch time obsession?


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3 Responses to {Two Things Tuesday} Lunch Time Fun

  1. I often run at lunch. For me it is a convenient time and it helps break up my day and reduces my stress.

  2. I love the individual guac packs too! They’re great on the go and they last longer than a regular avocado that’s been opened

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