Going {Up?} Or Embracing the Fear

This seems relevant today.  I found this picture that I took over the summer.  It was C-man’s first ferris wheel ride.  I came upon it yesterday and I was struck by the beauty, but also the metaphor for life that’s happening here.

photo(2)~Linda Poindexter

This also applies to my life as a triathlete.  In the past twenty-four hours I have had two challenging workouts.  Last night was my weekly power training session on the bike at Elevate Cycles last night.  It was tough.  I clearly have not been spending much time in the saddle.  And then my valentine’s day morning started with a sweaty workout with one of my tri gals at the YMCA.  We chose body sculpt at 6 AM.  With only about 6 hours of sleep under my head I was groggy.

I can tell you right now that during both of these workouts I was at the bottom of my ferris wheel.  I found myself inside my head and guess what I was doing there…. I was giving up.

Last night it went like this:

WTF?  Why am I doing this.  This hurts, I could be sleeping, eating, drinking, watching tv and the list goes on.

Keep pedaling.

I don’t want to.

You need to pedal 112 miles before you run a marathon.  Deal.

Holy s*@!, what…. I am struggling at an hour and a half and I’m going to put in a solid 7ish hours….. The better part of work day on this sucker before I know it.

Keep pedaling.


This morning the story was a little different, but again, some inner self talk was needed to get through the rounds of push ups, etc when I would have rather been sleeping.  Right right, push up.  Got it.  Right.

I forgot how much coming out of the off-season hurts.  Not only am I physically not there, but mentally my brain is just not ready to “embrace the suck.” I’m not sure who coined that, but it’s exactly what I need to remember how to do.  Because as I reminded myself this morning, no one gets stronger by skipping the work outs.

So in triathlon, I need to remember to get past my fear of the tough work outs.  Getting through the tough work outs will make the outcome so much better, stronger, and easier.  I have to get past the fear, to enjoy the view.  So, I’ll embrace the suck and this will get easier…..

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