{Two Things Tuesday} Music & Registrations Are Pouring In

1- Totally off training track again, but I had the chance to see Grace Potter & The Nocturnals last week at the Egg in Albany.  I got an email about the presale tickets and bought them almost immediately.  I’ve been a fan on and off for a bit.  I am telling you, if you love a great rock show, get yourself to a concert with these guys.  They tore that place up.  Tore. It.  Up.  C and I rocked out to The Lion The Beast The Beat on the way home tonight in the car.  So, for fun I share…. And I advise, please check them out.  You won’t regret it.

2- But on a training note, it would appear that my race calendar is coming together and the registrations are pouring in.  In the past couple of weeks I have found myself registered for a trail half marathon, two different marathon relays, a four mile race and two half ironman triathlons.  I can tell you that I think I’m done, minus the marathon that I have to pull the trigger for.  My oh my, it’s about to get busy via training up in here.  And I can say I’m excited.  I hope to dig deep and find it within myself to push hard and meet and surpass my goals.  I’m hopeful that 2013 can be the year that I believe in myself as much as other people do.  So, now that the races are bought and paid for I’d say it’s time to pony up.  Let’s do this!


It’s time to get it.


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