Beating the Winter Blues with a Bike!

Just when I start to really get excited about training and I start to daydream about spring coming,  mother nature reminds me that it’s still February in upstate New York.  Fortunately, the storm that was forecasted for us on Friday night didn’t end up dumping near the amount of snow that had been promised.  I’d say all in all we got about 6-8 inches of snow.  So, while still a sizable amount, not anywhere near the up to two feet that had been forecasted.


Heart Lake & The Adirondack Loj in December

With the new fallen snow, it seemed a good idea to change-up the training plan and once again head out on the cross-country skis.  But in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone and keep myself upbeat about getting into training, I had the brilliant idea of skiing at Saratoga State Park so not only could a workout be accomplished, but I could try out a bike or two at Blue Sky Bicycles in Saratoga.  First stop, the bike shop.  As I’ve said before, I’m hot on the trail of a new tri bike.  I’ve looked at several, but thus far no one has had my size in the shop so that I can actually sit on one and see how it rides, etc.

Enter Blue Sky…. this bike shop is fantastic.  They have loads of bikes.  They were able to do some quick, basic fitting and minutes later I was able to try the bike that I was interested… in my size on the trainer.


They also let me bring the pup in the shop.  She was a big help setting the bike up!

We set up the women’s specific Trek Speed Concept 7.0.  I recently spun around on another Trek Speed Concept (while watching the super bowl… Thanks L), and I already knew that I liked the feel of the bike.  I had a similar experience in the bike shop yesterday.  I have to say it was love at first pedal.  It’s a comfortable, good-looking bike.  We pulled up the information and compared it piece for piece with the other two bikes I had considered.  Overall, the Trek was ahead in components, but it was slightly more money than the other bikes.  Until, I asked if it was at all possible to get the 2012.  Ba-zinga! We pulled up the info, popped in the size and low and behold there was one women’s specific Trek Speed Concept from 2012 left in my size in California.  By the powers vested in me, it will be in Saratoga Springs next week.  Now to dream up a name and get training!


Oh and I’m also looking forward to riding it without three layers of ski clothes and boots on!

Anyway, the bike is on order and we managed to cross-country ski for over an hour in the beautiful afternoon sunshine.  I rounded out a highly productive day by revisiting an old friend in the form of a cookbook that I need start using much more!


Such good stuff in here!


Dinner was a yummy black bean, quinoa, corn and shrimp dish.  I am determined to stay on this good eating train all the way to and through Lake Tahoe.  How did you chase away the winter blues this weekend?  Any advice on the bike names now that she’s officially on her way here?

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