{Two Things Tuesday} Still Talking About a Bike & Playlist Help

1 – I told you yesterday, that I’m getting on a plan and sticking to it.  I will be much more regular at the gym and the bike path from here on out.  The off-season is coming to a close and it’s time to get it.  So! In getting it I’m actually incorporating some speed work on the days that I have to treadmill at the gym.  Here’s where I’d love your help.  I hate the treadmill.  So, I make it a little better by listening to music…. very loud music.  And if you know me, I love a very eclectic array of music.  Some frequently refer to my playlists as music that makes them want to slit their wrists.  So, while my “eclectic array” of music is what I prefer, it’s not really what makes the miles fly by fast and furious on the treadmill.  Again, where I need you…. music suggestions?  I’m taking them.  I need new playlists and lots of them.  Here’s what I’m currently sporting:

Playlist: Get It

Payphone – Maroon 5

Runaway Baby – Bruno Mars

Titanium – David Guetta & Sia

Without You – David Guetta & Usher

Whistle – Flo Rida

The Fighter – Gym Class Heros

Stereo Hearts – Gym Class Heros

Blow – Ke$ha

We R Who We R – Ke$ha

Paper Planes – M.I.A

Animal – Neon Trees

Good Time – Owl City & Carly Rae Jespen

I need more people….. What’s on your playlist?  How do you make the treadmill miles fly by? Be honest with the music…… Be proud of your rocking playlists!!!

2.  I’ve gone to see a man at a bike shop about a bike.  I’m not all of the way ready yet, but I’m wickedly close.  There are a number of things I need to line up first though.  They include new pedals, new shoes, an aero bottle, etc.  Whoa, I had no idea, but I couldn’t be more excited.  I swear I’ll stop talking about the prospect of a new bike soon.  I will, I mean it.  But even the kiddo is doing it.  We had an in-depth conversation last night about how funny it is that my friends bikes have names.  This all started because he met a friend’s bike named Bonnie the other night.  Apparently he never knew that even Scarlett has a name.  Funny conversation with a five-year old because even he thinks that we triathletes are crazy.  I guess we are…. Random, what is your bike’s name?

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1 Response to {Two Things Tuesday} Still Talking About a Bike & Playlist Help

  1. I was doing a long ride with a lot of climbing once,and only once, wondering why exactly I felt so compelled to do that ride. I looked down at my bike and saw it’s name, “Mad One”.

    Some of my running songs are:
    Neverending-David Crowder
    Let us Love – NeedtoBreathe
    Hit the Lights – Selena Gomez
    Notbroken – GooGoo Dolls
    Home – Phillip Phillips
    Hello Hurricane

    Thanks for your blog!

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