A Whole Lot of Random…

Ok, so we’ve had a birthday here and a case of bronchitis that won’t go away, so there hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot of training going on in my neck of the woods.  In the past week I have managed to attend my weekly bike power training class and yesterday I squeezed in a three mile run.  Both were less than stellar efforts on my part.  My run was still semi speedy, but it concluded with a coughing fit that lasted approximately 10 minutes.  Needless to say I cannot wait to feel 100% better.  But due to the lack of training, I’ll put out some random updates……

~No 50K.  I’ve decided to hold off on this until the fall.  The one that I was planning on signing up for is coming up to quick and with being sick and yada yada, I haven’t really started any long run training.  While I could get to the finish line in April, I think I’d be hurting while doing it.  So, I’m forgoing it … for now.  I’m instead gonna knock out a full marathon in May.


Shirts, Bibs & Medals….. I want….

~What marathon you ask?  Good question!  Right now I’m leaning towards registering for Run for Red Marathon in the Poconos.  It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s not too far away and it looks like it’s mostly down hill.  So there’s all that.  I’m really committed to training properly for this and getting a new marathon PR.  My current marathon PR involves several stops, picture shoots with Disney characters, etc.  So, just imagine if I had just run the darn thing.  Game on.

red scarlet

Scarlett is a beauty, but I’m ready to have a sexier ride….

~And lastly for today, the bike hunt is full on.  I think I’m narrowed down to two different tri bikes.  I hope to go and check one out this weekend.  I’ll follow up on the other next weekend.  I’m getting super excited about the prospect of a sport new tri gal and the prospect of learning to love the bike ride.  I’m getting there, seriously, and I think a new bike will be the ticket that puts me over the edge.  Thus far names have included Violet and Roxy.  With one of the bikes, I’m at a total loss for a name.  Is it ridiculous that this is important to me?  I’ve heard as much.  Girls.  They want a pretty bike and a nice name…… So what.  Whatever makes you happy right?  Anyway, the hunt goes on.  Once I pull the trigger, I’ll fill you all in and we’ll choose the right name.

One day at a time.  And hopefully I’ll kick this cough and have more interesting training “stuff” to share soon! How’s your week been?  Anyone have thoughts to share on Run for the Red?  And bikes….. Does your bike have a name?


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  1. Smack says:

    Go For it!!

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