Five Years Ago….

Five years ago today my life was changed, for the better.  I was graced with my little boy.

IMG_0001Baby Blue Eyes


Happy Birthday Buddy! Today officially marks five years of our journey together and I can safely say that I wouldn’t take back one moment.  They have each been precious in their own right.  We have already done so much in your short time here, and yet we have so much more to do.  And you kiddo have taught me lots of great lessons!

To Figure It Out! – I have never seen someone who is so willing to experiment with things, ask questions and figure out the why’s of life.  Go and get ’em dude.  Question the why’s and figure it out.  And I’m apologizing now for the fact that you’ll have to be patient with me because I don’t always know all of the answers, but you can teach me!

To Live Fully – You love with your whole heart, smile with your whole being and laugh from your soul.  You are so much older than five sometimes because of this, but I love that you’re my little old man who worries too much.

To Jump In and Get Dirty – You never let the circumstances of something prevent you from giving it a try.  You are always right in the moment whether you’re covered in mud, snow, worms or what have you.  We could all learn something from this.  Just go for it kiddo, don’t let circumstance prevent you from living.

And to Love Unconditionally – You always tell me how much you love me.  And I’ve seen you turn and tell other people that you love them.  It’s beautiful.  You are a very sincere and thoughtful little boy.  Sometimes you wear your heart on your sleeve, but that’s ok.  We’re sensitive people you and I.  But always know that I love you… unconditionally.

19202_10200445460485615_421378170_nGoof Ball

I can’t wait to enjoy this journey we’re on for many more years and we’ll celebrate our lives together through laughter, joy & tears.  Happy Birthday C! I love you with all of my heart.

~ Mama

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