{Two Things Tuesday} A Trail Relay & I’m Fa-Reezing!

1) Did you know that my new goal in life is to spend more time on the trails?  If you don’t, then you can read about it here, here, here, and here.  Because of my new love for hanging on the trails, I was super stoked when I got the top secret tip off from the Ragnar peeps that they had put together a Ragnar Trail Relay Series.  They announced it today, so I can share it with you now.  Wahoo, this looks so awesome.  I’m already scheming to see if it’s at all possible to fit one into my already jam-packed schedule for 2013.  The reality is that with Ironman Lake Tahoe on the ticket, I may have to pass on this cool adventure for 2013.  But let me tell you, if there’s a 2014 rendition, I want in for sure.  And until then I’ll keep scheming to see if I can’t figure out a 2013 trail relay…… Peeps, except a message soon.


2) It’s like Antartica around here.  Ok, maybe it’s not quite that cold, but man, it is cold.  I’m trying to figure out how to adjust all of my training for the week, but I can legitimately say that I don’t want to run exclusively indoors.  I managed a six miler last week in sub 20 degrees.  I’m genuinely hoping that I can manage at nine mile long run this weekend, but the locale that I will be in promises to possibly remain in the single digits.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the forecast changes so the run can happen outdoors.  Oh and the cross country skiing! Come on old man winter, warm slightly and give us more snow!

How do you manage to stick it out when it’s so cold? 

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